Low Internet Connectivity Signup Issues


I on-boarded for the current account recently while spending some time on an island in Scotland. Although the internet there was slow( both through wifi and mobile internet) i was able to use most apps and web services well despite the slow loading times.
However the Monzo app seemed to suffer greatly in this environment. I was unable to perform some tasks on the app and annoyingly was unable to submit my ID and video verification.
Back on the mainland with faster internet i completed the on-boarding in seconds.

I was wondering if Monzo is testing it’s systems in low-connectivity environment or if there were plans to improve the experience there. I have little knowledge of these things but felt like simply increasing the time before time-out error might have been sufficient.

Many thanks


You can thank the analytics & related bullshit (both in the Monzo app and your other apps) fighting for a small slice of the bandwidth that you have. I’d love to see app developers think twice before embedding 10x different analytics frameworks in their apps and hopefully Monzo does something about this as well.

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