Lost phone, need to get my money early at 4pm

I have no phone currently, can I use someones elses phone to access my account? I really need to release some money early today (at 4pm) which it doesn’t look like I can do on the webpage… I can use my sons phone, but would I have to change the phone number on the account?

Yes you can use his phone, as long as you can access your email on that device


Thank you so much! Fingers crossed it works for me!

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Other people have done it before and I put the app on a phone with no SIM card the other day and I didn’t have a problem, so :crossed_fingers: that you don’t have a problem

Just make sure you don’t save your email password on his phone (just for extra safety)


You can use his phone to login but you would need access to your own email also if you have a tablet you can load the app on yo that it won’t fill the tablet screen but will work.