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(Graeme ) #1

Managed to lose my wallet yesterday. Thankfully noticed fairly quickly and froze the card (only had the current account since Saturday!) Someone has obviously found the card and keeps trying it. Wish something more could be done to stop them!!

Monzo is so much easier to deal with than Nationwide. They (Nationwide) even let two transactions through after the card was blocked. Told me they cann’t see the time a contactless payment took place for 3 days!! Seriously considering leaving nationwide now


(Adam Williams) #2

Obviously incredibly dangerous and can’t recommend doing it, but if you hadn’t already seen someone else used the location info of the transactions and took things into their own hands!


(Graeme ) #3

Thought about it but it’s not worth it. Just a shame it have two photos in my wallet which I would like back and my driving licence.

On a separate note, it’s amazing how many answers to security questions are shown on your driving licence!


(Graeme ) #4

Barclaycard has allows the same thing!! Allowed four contactless payments in a row after card had been cancelled


(Mr P T Brookfield) #5

There must be something in it for them, surely? This contactless thing seems a bit at variance with common sense?


(Graeme ) #6

So I’ve been told by Barclaycard that contactless transactions can still occur 24 hours after cancellation of the card and they can’t stop this!! Funny that Monzo and Starling can!!


(Marta) #7

Monzo forces online transactions whenever possible, and I assume, so does Starling, while Barclays probably doesn’t care :smiley: . This means that each transaction has to be really approved, even if it’s contactless. Prepaid Monzo didn’t even support offline at all. Current Account does support offline, but it’s still being tweaked and improved.

Once Monzo perfects offline transactions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Monzo will sink to Barclays’ level :smirk: . Cards will still prefer online mode. However, it does mean that fraudulent offline transactions with debit Monzo card can happen, even when the card is frozen/blocked. But that will require the thief to find a place where terminals are offline and it’s not that common - all usual places where a thief would go, shops/restaurants, are dominantly online. And, in the end, Monzo will sort out fraud for us in a speedy manner, so :heart_eyes:.


(Graeme ) #8

I hope we have a way to disable offline transactions when the current account fully rolls out


(Alex Sherwood) #9

The problem with offline transactions is that Monzo never gets asked to authorise them. So it’s difficult to imagine what solution Monzo could provide here.


(Graeme ) #10

Fair point. Maybe just lock contactless transactions?


(Marta) #11

Well, that can’t happen as well because, without online connection, terminal simply will be clueless what is user’s/Monzo’s wish regarding a contactless transaction. :joy: We discussed an option to disable contactless (online ‘type’ too) in general, but I don’t think it’s on a roadmap anywhere.

There are anti-fraud safety measures built into the card directly, like a number of transactions that can be made offline (or contactless) before the PIN is required. This sometimes happens, you swipe contactless, and terminal asks for a PIN. However, we can’t get an accurate explanation how it looks/works for security measures (so the thief won’t know that they only get 3 chances until PIN is required and so on).


(Alex Sherwood) #12

A setting might work for offline transactions.

But given the very low likelihood of this fraud & the fact that you’ll be reimbursed very quickly, personally I’d prefer to see Monzo spend their limited time on developing other functionality for us.


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