Loose change & linked top ups

(Jamie Johnson) #1

Hi guys,

After using Monzo around 2 months it’s hard to think about ever returning to the dreadful and ancient banking methods used by traditional High Street banks!

It’s definitely the best bank in my opinion but there is room for improvement still. Here are a couple of ideas that I would personally love to see being implemented:

Loose change

I would love the option to enable a savings mode which would automatically round any transactions up to the nearest pound and transfer the ‘loose change’ into a Pot.

An additional option for those who want to donate to charity, loose change could be set up to be donated to a charity of your choice or maybe the option to split the accumulated month end loose change (save a proportion of it and donate a proportion to charity) with the option to opt out at any time.

Linked top ups

I often find myself wondering why I topped up, or at least which transactions were related to which top up. Obviously which ever transactions followed the top up would have reduce your balance but I thought it would be useful to, when tapping on a top up transaction, display transanctions that are linked to that top up, all on one screen.

These are just a few things that would make my life that extra bit easier. What do you guys think?

(joss) #2

:heart:️ Lose change round up thing.

I’ve wanted it on Monzo for sooo long :slight_smile:

Please can we have it?