Looking to buy or sell Monzo Crowdcube shares

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I’ve brought in the last two crowdfunding rounds. Not a lot to be fair but what I could afford. Not sure I’ll ever make a massive return, Hope I will, but the main reason was to support Monzo as it’s a company I’ve come to really believe in.

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That’s what crowdfunding is all about! I hope it pays off for you :+1:



I’m interested in buying Monzo shares for the appropriate evaluation. If anyone on here is interested in selling, please message me.




I’m interested in buying Monzo shares for the appropriate evaluation. If anyone on here is interested in selling, please message me.


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Here is a cross post from the selling Monzo shares topic that people should bare in mind:

This should help clear up some questions on here and as always, please be vigilant :slight_smile:

(James Prince) #133

259 shares available and interested in selling. I will be speaking to Monzo in the next few weeks to get authorisation to transfer my shares. Please privately message me if interested.

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Hello @12jprince,

I would recommend going through the process of seeking approval to sell your shares first before soliciting offers, as the conditions are fairly stringent. I’m sure interest in Monzo shares will continue to be high after you’ve been able to do this. Thank you!

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It was clarified earlier that the whole block from a round needs to be sold

Was it clarified if you could buy a block from a round if you had invested to the maximum in that same round?


It wasn’t clarified but I can clarify that you can indeed own multiple holdings from the same round. :white_check_mark:

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Thanks. Even if exceeds “maximum”?




I have 100 shares available if anyone wants to buy please PM me.

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As above, it’s probably worth saying whether you’ve received ‘approval to sell’ at this point.


Hi, as far as I know you can’t get approval without putting the name of person you are transferring to in the transfer request to Monzo via Crowdcube. I may be wrong but please let me know as I would love to know more about the process.

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I haven’t heard of this being mentioned in any of the topics about the crowdfunding round or related topics.

From reading the post made by @yen, it would appear that you need to seek permission from Monzo first before trying to initiate a transfer. The ‘exceptional circumstances’ part would be my biggest concern rather than what name to put in a box because from my experience this phrase isn’t used lightly.

Perhaps reach out to Monzo and ask. As the seller I would say that the onus is on you to find out and to get yourself into the state that you can sell before soliciting offers.

Edit: When you’re speaking to Monzo I would recommend that you get yourself verified as an investor by Monzo too, so that they can update your profile on here showing that you are. This will also help with your sale :slight_smile:

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Wow, that seems counter-intuitive.

Why would the nominee be the first bit of information that they need? As long as the transferee isn’t a spouse, civil partner, child, grandchild; the trustees of your family trust; or a company in which you or your trustees hold all of the shares, the deciding factor is the reason you want to sell, so that should be addressed first. :man_shrugging:

Unless, who it is going to bares some weight in the decision? Perhaps if they already have a large portion of shares it could also be denied? :thinking: @yen we need help! :grin:

I’d be tempted to tell them that the transferee name is Joe Bloggs, then if approved, ask for an amendment to the name :rofl:

p.s. Nice rocket badge and welcome to the investors group :wink:


I think who the shares are going to is the main reason why they need to approve requests based on who they are going to. I assume to ensure one individual or another company isn’t quietly buying up all the shares.

Edit: and thanks for the welcome!!

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Yeah I can understand that part but I could tell you that I’ll take all the shares - so you’ll get Monzo, Crowdcube and yourself all spending time going through the process then I might change my mind and it will all be a waste for everyone.

You could easily do this several times, if not more depending on how long the approval process takes, as so much can happen to someones financial status at any given point. :grimacing:

Stipulating a maximum share hold for an individual and company would be better so from the outset you have a good idea of if it will be successful. Then everyone can just focus on the reason for sale and make a decision based on that.

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If you accept his offer to buy 598 shares for £7.71 each then you have formed a legal contract to execute the purchase - you would hope that people wouldn’t decide to pull out of that willy nilly.

Unlikely that someone with exceptional reasons to sell would like that plastered over a forum for all to see - and nobody has the right to ask or should expect that.

Having sold shares I can advise of the process:

  1. solicit interest from buyers on the forum, agree a price
  2. contact Crowdcube, advise of the wish to transfer share ownership and to who (cc buyer), and explain the exceptional circumstances
  3. Crowdcube contact Monzo on your behalf, and if Monzo approve, Crowdcube begin the transfer
  4. buyer and seller arrange payment - and advise Crowdcube when this has taken place so that Crowdcube can finalise the transfer

A perfectly reasonable process, and it doesn’t need to be anymore complicated than that. The seller should only need to advise the forum of the wish to sell shares and offer the chance to discuss through PM with interested parties (as frankly it’s nobody else’s business).


Amazed that it has to go through a board meeting

Can imagine there’s a lot of requests, mustn’t this take up time?!