Looking for feedback - Free Budget Planner

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Looking for feedback - Free Budget Planner

As you may know saving starts with identifying your income and expenses pattern. With this in mind, I have created a budget planner on Excel and Google spreadsheets that is free to download.

Reasons why people should use this free budget planner?

  • It is an easy to use budget planner and it is free, so everyone has the opportunity to use it.

  • By tracking income and expenses, people are able to clearly identify where they could possibly save more money. As they have a simple and complete overview of their finances.

  • There is no need to share private information with a third party, which with many budget planners software is the case.

  • The budget planner in Excel is user-friendly and the formulas within the planner are protected, all calculations are done automatically.

  • The budget planner and a short video on how to use it are available using the following link:
    Budget Planner

Could you let me know what you think? How can I further improve this Budget Planner and develop it into something exceptionally useful?

Thanks to everyone in advance!