Looking for a new bike, where to start?

Yes, Presta valve, 700x25-32 Race 28 should do it.

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Had a scratching sound coming from my rear disk, so figured the disk was rubbing slightly against the pads so loosened the quick release and adjusted the tyre now it’s back to normal :grin::+1:t3:

BTW thanks gavin

Lots of reports that the Decathlon bikes use great parts but are put together badly. I’d double check everything.

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If you don’t want a Silca would recommend Joe Blow at only £28.

Thanks everyone. Got these…
Black - Presta 42mm 700 x 25-32 Race 28

" Presta 42mm " is just the length of the valve right ?

That’s right. They come in different lengths now because some people ride with deep-section wheels (they’re more aero…), but for regular wheels 42mm is perfectly fine.

How do you avoid buckling tyres?
I could probably deal with a puncture but a buckle would be a right pain
If you buckle it you have to “true” the spokes or something?

I’m new to road riding and try my best to avoid pot holes but the terrain around here isn’t great

When I see pot holes I try to swerve them if safe to do so. And when it’s not possible I slow down and take weight off the front and then the back as I pass over it.
Sometimes it’s unavoidable if I’m going fast

I keep my tyres about 100psi, the recommended max is 118psi

It’s not something I’ve ever really had a problem with. My wheels have a pretty high spoke count so the load is pretty well distributed. Even so, wheels tend to fall out of true gradually, but you can just get them checked as part of the annual service (you’ll want to get the chain swapped every few thousand miles); change the brake pads etc.

I’d be more concerned about regular chain swaps than wheels getting a bit wonky. A worn chain will wear your cassette and chainrings quickly, which gets expensive. There’s no major consequence to a misaligned wheel other than a bit of noise in your brake callipers.


Thanks dude for the info is it OK if some spokes have a bit of movement when your pull them left and right or should I buy one of these… https://www.decathlon.co.uk/bike-spoke-nipple-wrench-id_8350527.html

By movement I mean they bend a tiny bit if I move them around with my fingers

Spokes will flex if you squeeze them together, but they shouldn’t be rattling. They’re thin strands of metal that suspend the hub within the rim. If you spin the wheel and it isn’t wobbling around side to side or up and down, they’re fine and are best left alone.

I wouldn’t try truing a wheel without some training --they’re likely to get worse! It’s one of the few jobs I won’t attempt myself.