Look what Halifax are advertising to me

Looks like Halifax are entering the world of ‘round up’ savings. The product page needs you to be logged in, but their terms page is public: https://static.halifax.co.uk/assets/pdf/bankaccounts/pdf/save-the-change-terms-conditions.pdf


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They’ve registered the phrase? Oh boy

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save the change

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Barclays are trailing something similar as well.

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To be fair, Lloyds Bank have had save the change feature for some time and Halifax is part of that group.



Forgot that :woman_facepalming:

They also recently introduced card freezing from within their (god awful) app.

I wonder how many of these features they’d have brought in anyway, and how many are a response to the options provided by the challenger banks.

I also wonder what someone was smoking when they decided it was a good idea to re-invent the keyboard when building the Halifax app. Disregarding 10 years of muscle memory, great idea!

They support this for joint accounts too. So there’s that.

Yep. But Barclays will save your change for charities…

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I’m more interested in their new card management screen :eyes:

Here is how Barclays card screen looks like Screenshot_20180924-204559__01

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“Any change you save from Halifax Visa debit card payments we process on a Friday will be added to the savings account on the start of Monday.” - so it won’t even be added to the savings account instantly!

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