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I always LOL on reviews for a Google App called Carrier Services.
Most reviews for this are just totally random and irrelevant. No one seems to care what it does and frankly who cares I am just happy this app is on there for these sort of reviews :rofl:

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Sarcastic Amazon reviews are my favorite. This one nearly made me fall of my chair.

(Jack) #3

Not the App Store but a classic :rofl:


OK, I guess thread shouldnt be just for App Stores going to edit. These are just hilarious thanks @simonb @jwd2017

(Andre Borie) #5

I love the reviews on snake-oil audiophile (more like audiophool) grade Ethernet cables. :joy:

While AudioQuest doesnt pretend to fully understawnd how these cables work, it became clear to me the moment I opened the box and bathed in their holy light. Quite simply, God was awestruck at the quality of manufacturing that went into these cables, and the silver has been imbued with heavenly particles that enshroud my 0s and 1s and deliver them with angelic clarity.
To test their quality, I tried downloading a movie, only to realize that these cables are so fast theyd already downloaded and shown me the movie before I realized I wanted it. Still unimpressed, I decided to stream the London Philharmonic, and heard musical elements I never thought I could - who knew that the fifth violin was picking her nose in bars 57-60! Switching to some Nickelback, a bolt of lightning burst from the cables, transforming their CD in my collection into a first-press Led Zeppelin vinyl! Unfortunately, it was slightly scratched, so Im only leaving 4 stars.
After experiencing the godly sound and networking enabled by these cables, I took out a third mortgage on my mansion so that I could buy them for every room. I even carry one around on my neck, to enable me to upload my soul in crystal clarity on judgement day (and given the strength of the connectors, itll make an excellent noose if my creditors ever catch up to me).

Shortly after I connected this cable to my laptop I received an email from myself in the near future! Apparently this cable is so fast that I am able to send messages through time itself!
Good old me (old me, as he is from the future, and therefore older than current me) was smart enough to send me this weeks winning Powerball numbers!
Now that I am a millionaire I can finally move out of my parents basement, or but that Sony TV I always wanted.

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This review of a banana slicer Saved my marriage :sweat_smile:

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I havent laughed this hard in a while I love these type of reviews absolute gold.

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They are absolute gold, I love the effort that goes in :joy:


I thought the photo was @anon80829874 when I saw that! :joy:

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This product has always been a favourite of mine for reviews:


Id forgotten this one. A classic



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These Q&As cracked me up. Found them on The Last of US 2 Pre Order on Amazon:

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I presume youve all seen the reviews of sugar free gummy bears and the like? Read and weep:


As someone that has digestive issues from the normal sweeteners (that sugar tax is evil), Im tempted to try them and see the results

(Andre Borie) #16

that depends on if she makes it to release data because it aint coming anytime soon

Brutal. Shots fired, I repeat, SHOTS FIRED. :joy:

(Nick Slade) #17

From first hand experience, I know that sugar free sweets can be catastrophic to your bowels.

As funny as these reviews are written, I can confirm they are all 100% accurate and true :joy:

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I wanna order these here, I have loads of people I would give them too.

Id leave a bowl in the canteen at work for starters :sunglasses:

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