Log in with Monzo for the forums

I see a lot of people (especially new users) asking for help that only :monzo: support can provide - so they get advised to email help@monzo.com with their query…

What if people logged in with their Monzo account directly (using the same “magic link” flow), that way :monzo: support can instantly see who they are and reach out to them directly?

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As a general policy, we don’t offer support through the public community forums for various legal and security reasons (mostly around our ability to audit staff actions and data retention requirements).

In the past, we have sent messages to users directly through in-app chat who have posted problems on the community but it’s a tricky one to balance and we don’t have any clear policies around it yet.

Thanks for suggesting this though, I’ll bring it up with a few people and see what we can do! :smiley:


In fairness, I think the current system works fairly well. General questions can be answered and more details about exactly what the issue is on the forum but the community - if it turns out to actually be an issue or bug, people are advised to reach out via the official channels.
I’d like to think we reduce the workload (a little!) For COPs by trying to answer as many questions as we can on here, that aren’t account/customer specific.