Locations for various settings [iOS]

Something that has bothered me for a little while on the iOS app (Don’t have android so can’t compare) and is becoming more and more apparent with new features and updates, but does anyone else feel that a whole bunch of the settings are in the wrong place?

Settings mainly appear in one of two places, first off being you user (Which I’d regard global user settings - Name, address, Labs, logout/close account) and then settings on an account you have with Monzo (Account specific settings)

In the settings for the card/current account, you have “touch ID to unlock app” and “custom app icon” as the two that immediately stand out as being app/user specific settings rather than the account itself - App locking and the icon aren’t related to the account, more the user and the app itself?

The reverse of that, is that your sort code/account number and statements appear under your user settings, this is specific to an account rather than you as a whole? I know we can’t have multiple accounts as of right now (I’m unaware of how the app looks for joint accounts) but I’m assuming when you do have a joint account you have two account numbers so this information shouldn’t be reflected on your login.

Not sure I’ve explained it completely clear, but my 2cents :smiley:


I couldn’t agree with you more on this. It’s definitely in need of a tidy!


Yep, I’ve already complained about this on another thread. I feel like the product has now outgrew the original app design (which was for a prepaid card) and it’s becoming more and more of a mess.

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100% agree settings and account management needs an overhaul it just doesn’t make any sense how it is built this now. It looks and feels like everything in the card settings can be activated and deactivated centrally using feature flags without the need of an app release which is probably why it’s used more


I also agree with some settings being under he card, and some account it can be a bit confusing.

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They did a survey via email a while back about the position of items in menus, not sure if this made things worse or they just haven’t been through it yet?

It does need a bit of an overhaul. It kinda comes with the rapid design and implementation of new features though. I would think and hope they have a plan for revamping settings as at the moment it’s just a big long list and existing features that are further built upon seem to have toggles and buttons and notifications welded onto them because that’s the easiest, most obvious solution at the moment.

I love the rapid iteration of features but I think there will come a point where Monzo need to step back and form those features into something more logical(?). I’m sure they’re aware of that though and I’m happy to see more development of exciting new features but things will need to be better structured eventually.

I personally like levels of detail, for settings and account features. You should immediately get a quick overview of important information (or settings) and be able to drill down into even more information. The app at the moment seems to favour presenting things as lists, like the settings and pots. Whereas I would rather have categories of settings or an overview of all my pots on one screen with more taps equalling more insight and choice. There’s way too much scrolling at the moment.

I trust Monzo though. Sometimes you gotta crank out the features without simultaneously updating the UI because they’ll both impede each other.

When you have a joint account, the menus are the same. Inside the app you switch account. Kinda like having multiple twitter accounts. The layout is the same, just with different details.