Location duplication in search

(Duncan) #1

The new search is awesome, so thanks for that! However, I have two entries for London. One is “LONDON”, and the other is “London”. I guess that the merchant provided strings need to have their case normalised.

Filtering transactions by location - case sensitivity
Search location duplication
(Miguel Afonso) #2

I had a similar situation where the location add an extra space at the end. I submitted a merchant correction and it went away.
Both this cases can be prevented in the search logic by searching/matching lowercased trimmed operands, regardless of the actual display case. But ideally they could be normalised before being stored in the data backend.

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Thanks Duncan! We’re working on fixing that – we need to do some fixing up on the backend :slight_smile:

(Toby Foord) #4

Just a quick one, “bug” seems a little harsh but there’s no “less than ideal” category :laughing:.

When using the spiffing new :mag: search tool the locations are duplicated in upper and lowercase variants. I’m guessing this is a result of inconsistent meta data in the transactions. Whatever it is, it means I only get a subset of the expected transactions when filtering.


(Rika Raybould) #5

Indeed, this was flagged up as something of a work in progress when this new search was initially introduced. It does make that view weird to use. :confused:

(Toby Foord) #6

Ah, my bad should have had a better dig around before posting. Feel less special now :confused:

(Tristan Thomas) #7

No worries! @matt has this on his list to fix when he has time (not that much of that going around at the moment :wink: )

(Jack Kay) #8


When filtering transactions by location, a location can sometikes appear twice because of the different use of capitals. See below where Manchester appears twice.


It would be great if the app could interpret the two as the same location and sort that for me.


and does the search ignore accents or not…e.g. would Köln and Koln be treated the same or differently?

(Jack) #10

Search could do with a few fixes overall and improving on android. It may be worth you submitting feedback for the merchants that come up capitalised so they match the lower case version?

(Tom ) #11

Hope you don’t mind - merged your post here.

This has been discussed before (some time ago). I’m hoping for some search improvements soon - and this should be swept up.

(Duncan) #12

I was wondering how someone managed to resurrect a thread that was two years old, heh.

(Tom ) #13

Whoops. There was me forgetting we’re in 2018. Anyway, minor bug still present. If I remember rightly, there are some bizarre anomalies around search that means capitals are considered unique.

(Stuart Jackson) #14

Hi folks,

This is a very similar issue with the search filters.
When searching by person the same person is listed multiple times.

When selecting one of the duplicates and reopening the filter, all the duplicates are checked as well.

It’s not affecting functionality as far as I can tell, just multiple entries for all the hint options.