Location-aware categories (home/work)

(Tom Myers) #1

I’d like to be able to set ‘home’ and ‘work’ as geofence categories.

Anything spent within a geofence of ‘home’ is a home expense — in this context, Tesco would more likely be for household groceries instead of just grabbing a sandwich, a restaurant at 9pm would be ‘eating out’ (a luxury) instead of a quick coffee.

Conversely, anything spent within a ‘work’ geofence would be something to do with a working day — Tesco would more likely be lunch instead of a big grocery shop, going to that nice cafe at 9am would be to pick up some breakfast instead of ‘eating out’

Automatic rich categorisation without having have the user create custom categories and targets

(Naji Esiri) #2

I’m not sure how we would do this within the existing framework we have for categorisation, but I think it’s a great idea! Could I add it here Tom?

(Marta) #3

Hmm! I’m intrigued! I’m not sure if categories will have location as one of the criteria and in many cases locations might be incorrect (ATMs standing in one town, company registered in different). So could it be phone location based?

Problem would be to set defined ‘work’ location, because while drawing with your finger on map seems easy, it’s not as easy to redraw random polyglon into postcodes. Maybe selecting closest postcode areas and taking your phone geo data?

So you’d tap 5-6 postcodes on minimap (postcodes logically around your work place) and then you have your work area.

I really hope that your work is not 0,5 mile from your home, it could be problematic then! :smiley:

(Tom Myers) #4

Phone location: definitely.

Geofences could be quite broad — most people don’t work where they live, and could set them accordingly. A mile or so would separate quite nicely for most people. iOS lets you set circular fences, so that could work (not sure how Android deals with geofencing)

Anyone who lives 0.5m from work would have different priorities I guess!

Thanks for your response — I thought about it because so many people want deeper categorisation but you don’t want people to make work for themselves too.



(Tom Myers) #5

I just realised my post was sent as an earlier draft while I was on the tube this morning. I’ve edited it for clarity.

@Naji — absolutely, please do.

Also I was thinking about battery efficiency — it wouldn’t need to constantly poll your location, there’s already a push notification at the point of transaction, that could trigger a location poll quickly and close down the GPS after that.