Loans unavailable?

If only they’d explained why on that screen.


Right I’ve woken up from a nap with migraine, so forgive me. But isn’t the answer in the screenshot… Maintenance so come back later :thinking:


Agreed and I’m not being funny, but it’s not on the status page and perhaps should be?

Why? Would you check there before you load the loans section in the app?


But the app is working so it doesn’t really need to be on that status page. If nothing on the app was working then that’s where you’d expect to find details of down time. As it stands you’re in the app and see an explanation of why you can’t have a loan right now.


I can explain why this time. It’s because one of the 3rd parties (Credit Reference Agencies) we rely on to offer loans and overdrafts is currently offline. :slightly_frowning_face:

We’ve been in contact with them about it but there isn’t much we can do to speed this up.

This happens extremely rarely and is often a different reason almost every time so it would be hard to give much more detail on this screen in particular.


Sorry, I was being facetious.

I think what the screen says is fine


I agree it does

Although some days seem to be cheaper than others, time is money I guess

Also there’s an odd bug where on the days it switch between august and September, like mid month not just at the start, makes sense because it’s the 4th august currently

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Isn’t the difference caused by the different repayment dates?


It looks like it, what I thought was a bug was not a bug. Well I’m done embarrassing myself for one day

Thanks guys


Get an early night, come back brighter tomorrow :sweat_smile:


I don’t match Monzo’s criteria at all. They don’t even look at my income, spending or credit report. I just don’t meet their lending policy criteria somehow.

I really can’t think what it might be and I’ve never struggled for credit anywhere else. I don’t need a loan either, it just mildly offends me somehow.

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Same here, but I suspect they might actually be on the money there, seeing that I spend pretty much all my money each month! :grimacing:

Thankfully I don’t actually need a loan these days, but other banks loaned/credited me plenty in the past when probably they should not have

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I neither meet their loan nor overdraft criteria but I’m assuming it’s because I’ve only had my account open one month. I’m full Monzo Plus but they won’t have much data to go on so far…

Just to add that I don’t need either :slight_smile:

Well Monzo took a year to offer me an overdraft and after I got the overdraft and never used it, it took 4 months to give me a loan! I guess you need to keep your account open for sometime before they can offer you their loans!

I got a loan after 2 months with them, so that doesn’t ring true.

For whatever reason people don’t hit the criteria, we’ll never know why though, otherwise people could get around whatever checks and balances they have in place.

Edit - and an overdraft in the very 1st month