Lloyds Banking Group discussion

They won’t reply :joy:

Haha, I saw that the other day and it made me chuckle!


It’s a beta, it’s a beta, it’s a beta.

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Don’t personally see a reason why when every other bank works with it. Guessing all about risk.

First direct had a basic response to it, when I asked why, zero reply. :joy:


I’m sorry but you cannot expect or complain when an app doesn’t work with a developer beta software. I’m surprised someone working for a bank wouldn’t know this. If Monzo didn’t work correctly it would be the same.

If you need to complain via Twitter that it isn’t working you shouldn’t be on a developer beta. They are designed for developers to tweak their apps, to submit errors directly to Apple and to work together to ensure that it works perfectly once the software is launched.

Not least that the tweet HSBC put out is there to support a minority with feeling comfortable and standing against bigotry. Anyone responding with nothing to do with that cheapens it, IMO.


It’s not that the app doesn’t work properly. It’s that HSBC goes the extra mile to insert code which actively forces the app to crash on beta software, when no other bank does that. If the app just crashed because of incompatibility, fine. But this is just messing with customers for the sake of it


Twitter is easiest way to get a response from most companies.


I mean that might be so, they might feel that security is required and it’s better to have an app that works fully than only partially until released.

I’ll bow out if this aspect now but I would be shocked, shooketh if you will, if Monzo didn’t work with a beta software and someone complained on here if the regulars here didn’t tell them the same as I have.

As for getting response on Twitter… the social media team will have nothing to do with app development. Again, same at Monzo. If you’re on the developer software programme you submit your responses directly through the software - if you’re taking to Twitter you shouldn’t be using that software yet.


Except Monzo would most likely ask someone for clarity instead of a blanket response.

The problem isn’t the beta, it’s HSBC (seeing as they’re the only app I’ve found not working).

Everyone has an opinion and it’s all welcome.


Hmm I don’t buy the opinion thing, it’s not what a developer software is about. It’s not public. That’s a cop-out reason, though it seems to blanket cover people these days.

Anyway, it is what it is…

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It’s cuz the top bosses and shareholders have the rest in their accounts. :joy:


Halifax and Lloyds to shut 66 more bank branches - the full list (msn.com)

I know thos all happened a few weeks ago now but one of the things I dont quite understand is that it isnt just Halifax that have voluntary pronouns on name tags, yet they were the ones who got massive abused for it.

Im not saying banks should be attacked for doing this, but I dont understand why it seems only Halifax seemed to be.

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Because the people shouting about it are stupid. One of the most vocal was threatening to leave Halifax to go to Lloyds, seemingly unaware it’s the same company.


Cuz people. :joy: