Lloyds Banking Group discussion

Intelligent Finance, or IF, are a defunct brand these days, so I guess migration costs would be far outstripped by maintenance of their old platforms, some of which are antiquated.

I’d have thought they were on the standard LBG platform, non?

I worked on the migration team at Lloyds in 2011 when the HBOS platform was migrated to the Lloyds platform and we went through months of testing over weekends with varying amounts of data it was an interesting time and was (at it’s time) the largest banking migration in Europe when it finally happened in Sept '11


I don’t remember if they ever migrated to the same core banking platform, but IF will be using systems that other parts of the bank do not.

Interestingly their pensions back book was outsourced the other year in order to avoid investing in technology

And we all sighed with relief when it was delivered :smiley:

Do you have insight into the LBG architecture?

I ask because we’re otherwise just guessing, but a multitude of things can be meant by platform. I read it as a replacement for the core ledger and bank processing, which almost certainly have the mainframe as source. In this series, IF would be a great test as you’re moving from the same thing as you would be later for the bigger brands.

Where the brands diverge, or elements like UI/apps deviate, though is something I’m not sure I’d even want to guess at. From what I’ve seen of the Halifax stuff, it all seems (logo aside) pretty homogenous. In an ideal world they’d be built on using reusable APIs, but they’re probably not there…

I wonder if @davidroberts can share any insight?

Limited, which is why I don’t know.

It closed its books in 2013 or 14 if I remember rightly, so I don’t know if they migrated to the new online platform, and I’m pretty certain they never developed an app for it. I don’t remember if they were included in the core migration back in 2011.

Anyway, it’s largely irrelevant I guess. It costs billions per year to maintain the existing infrastructure, so as much as it might cost to migrate, the benefits to be gained in future years will be the ‘eyes on the prize’.

I’d say this is a testament to Monzo’s impact in the last 2-3 years - big banks like lloyds now pushing forward with major migrations, despite all the potential pains and risks (TSB!), in order to provide a better digital experience for users


My partner just got a letter through the post about a long forgotten savings account.

Not showing in the app. (Not sure why she still had the app!?) Called customer services, they said to re-register for online banking, tried to re-register it needed an account number and sort code. Only half an account number on the letter so couldn’t use that, no idea what the rest was.

So thought we’d call back, couldn’t pass security at first as we didn’t know the balance or last transactions on the account, (she hasn’t been an active Lloyds customer for 3-4 years). We managed to get through with a few bits of personal info and was informed we could now go and re-register. Went back to online banking to do so, plonked all the mountains of info they needed into the contact form we were given a ten digit reference number that we had to call back and give to customer support.

It was at this point we gave up. They’ll be pence in the account anyway.