Lloyds Banking Group discussion

I still have a lingering bad sentiment towards it due to the 3+ year iPhone 6 support delay. And for a long time it showed my inactive ISA, then a block about scams or something, and then my credit card, so I always had to scroll down. It shows that there’s pending transactions on the card, but tapping to expand the list shows nothing. As above, the “Please wait” popup that shows on most page navigations even when you can see the page behind has loaded, it’s one of those design cues that makes it feel slow even if it’s not. Reminds me of the cursed NS&I website that has full loading splash pages between each page load and doesn’t let you refresh or use the back button. I’m sure there’s worse apps out there, but out 12-13 I have, it’s the one I like using less alongside the Barclaycard app.

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I can see the pending transactions on my accounts, and on my credit card.

The app doesn’t seem any slower than any other banking app, to me.

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The Lloyds app is just so full of BUTTONS.

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Admittedly I only use it for a legacy balance transfer (always deals on offer and has a 1% minimum payment) so the only payment going in is the standing order, but every month it shows the bar saying pending transactions, I tap it, the + changes to a - and… nothing. At least it works for other transactions I suppose.

And it may not actually be slower, but the constant loading popups don’t help it. It’s a similar thing to unnecessarily slow transitions or animations.

Yes, I think it’s just… busy. Most other apps feel cleaner somehow.

You’re right there, pending payments to the credit card don’t show straightaway. They usually appear the next day, or sometimes even the day after. Purchases show up instantly though, which is better than with some credit cards, e.g. First Direct and HSBC.

Those buttons are very useful and help you find common functions quickly and easily, instead of having to wade through long menus.

Anyway, all apps have buttons even if they aren’t designed to look like them. Anything you click on is a button.

Day 4 since I applied for the switch, account was opened immediately, but heard nothing since. Is this normal for Lloyds?

Yes, that was my experience.

Then drip feed for the parts. Card, pin, passcode to get into the app etc.

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Good to know that that’s ‘normal’, although it’s not very good communication. I don’t even remember what date I chose for the switch, and I can’t find it anywhere in the 1 or 2 welcome emails I got from them.

EDIT: Never mind, I logged in and saw I already received the switching bonus so things must be happening in the background even if Lloyds are not communicating them!