Lloyds Banking Group chat

You’ll always get people inconvenienced by any checks. In most cases it’s resolved quickly. In some cases it’s annoying but might take longer.

I believe it’s better that some genuine people are inconvenienced and vulnerable people are protected better than fewer genuine people being inconvenienced and vulnerable people are less well protected.


Me too. In fact I almost expect to have them double check things.

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Don’t know what other people’s experiences with Lloyds however I’ve been banking with them for about 9 years now. I must say that in the last 2 years they stepped up their game with their mobile banking app. Slowly but steadily it delivers modern choices and options comparable to neo banks.

Security, notifications, card details and pin, card freeze, fraud prevention, open banking, credit score, etc.


It’s my favourite app. It’s easy to use, everything’s in a logical place, and it does everything I need.

Main thing that bugs about their app is the adverts they throw in-between accounts. Just looks untidy and not preferable for me.

They also have limited open banking support to mostly high street banks.


I’ve not seen that on iOS or at least not yet

Adverts is probably the wrong word, but other services etc the bank offer.

IE take out a look at loans. Check your eligibility on a credit card. Car insurance. Open a savings account.

All that shiz.

Won’t let me a screenshot in android.

It looks like this just now:

Current account 1

Check your credit score

Current account 2

Unknown number scams on WhatsApp

Savings account

Check your upcoming payments

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The LBG apps (Lloyds and Halifax in my case) also have full pages for loans and things when opening the app and it always winds me up. Stop throwing info about taking loans in my face and just let me check my balance.

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They kept telling me local house prices and how much I’d need for a mortgage, I’m not even eligible for these things.

I change my settings, they stopped for a bit and then I just get account based stuff. It’s rubbish.

I get what you mean now, fortunately for me personally I’ve not found them a problem. I’ve certainly not had a full page advert.

I’ve found many banks offer loans adverts and some are more in your face than others. Barclays I found much worse for that. Starting I’ve never seen that but Monzo I did today, plus an email campaign.

For a legacy bank, I’ve been happy with Lloyds. I’m fickle though, I’m often playing around with which bank I use.


I hate the full screen “info” I get everytime I log in.

But otherwise it’s functional enough, but basic.

I guess I’ve been lucky and not had an all screen advert.

I’m curious about the basic bit, for a legacy bank, I’ve personally found they’ve been better than many others. I appreciate they’re not on par with Monzo or Starling but they have a good amount of detail on transactions, normally a map as well. Company logos on payments. They also have a budget tool, showing you where your money has been spent.

I’m not trying to ‘sell it’, everyone has their own ideas on what is good and what is not, their own wants and needs.

For me Nationwide or HSBC or Santander are what I would personally call basic banks.

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No social payments, no spend from pots, overall nothing techy about a high street bank. They’re all on par pretty much, their limitations in budgeting and spending are nothing near monzo, starling or say Revolut. Really does depend what you need and want from a bank.

Exactly. I have no use for social payments or spending from pots. I did try DDs from a pot when I was using Monzo as my main bank but it just confused things for me. I’ve been banking for over 40 years without a lot of these new features…


I agree but I also made deliberate reference to other high street banks. Monzo and Starling are new build, I would imagine the legacy banks have much older systems and they’ve bolted on functionality to meet needs but implementing pots or spaces possibly presents them with a challenge or something they don’t feel is a priority.


Second this. It’s the same on my iOS Home Screen.

Also wish I could reorder the accounts like other apps.

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Disney+ coming to Club Lloyds - might make me open an account and move the money in and back out each month


Even with the £3 fee. £36 a year is better than £79.99 :raised_hands:t3:

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Oh yea that’s true! Really good offer to see

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Only if it is available to exisiting Disney+ customers too.

I had an O2 offer of three months free Disney+ only to find that, as I am not a new customer, I could not take advantage of it.

Same as the Disneyland offer last year :person_shrugging: