Lloyds Banking Group brands flagging Monzo? (Answer: no)

(Jonathon) #21

Of course the alternative was I could put money in but that was always far less likely…

(James) #22

I can always live in hope :wink:

(Andrei) #23

They did flag all of my payments in the last two weeks and I can’t save my Monzo account to the list of recipients in Lloyds. Every time I make a transfer, it makes me add a new recipient and it flags it as fraud, making me call them.

I tried with a few different amounts and they are all flagged, even though I have made transfers to the same Monzo account before. Calling them is horrible and you can either call the customer service team which don’t ask too many questions, or call the fraud team who have asked for details about my address, my Lloyds cards, my driving licence, etc.

Thankfully, I’m done with them as I’ve moved all my funds from Lloyds to Monzo but I have a feeling they’re doing this on purpose with the new FinTech startups to make it harder for people to move. What’s very curious is that this didn’t happen before last month…

(Phil Gyford) #24

I don’t know if it’s related, but I just tried changing the debit card I have registered on my Lloyds Bank Direct Investments account and it wouldn’t accept my Monzo bank account and card details. I called them up and spent 40 minutes on the phone with someone trying to make it work, getting other departments involved, and it never worked. I had to give up and stick with my old bank.

They said they didn’t used to accept Monzo but officially they do now, but obviously something isn’t quite working yet…

(Mark Dunne) #25

I think some companies are recognising the Mastercard Debit Card as a Credit Card. I had an issue a few weeks back where I was trying to make a payment and it kept failing, the company in question said it would only fail if it was a credit card as they don’t accept them?

If Lloyds systems mistakenly recognised your Monzo card as credit card then that may be why it wouldn’t work as I am sure you’re not allowed to fund investments from a credit card.


I have an issue similar to this when I try to use my Debit card to pay my Paypal Credit account. It wont take the card but happily takes my Monzo account for payment via direct debit… wierdly though it took my Clydesdale Mastercard debit card no problem so its leading me to believe it might be Monzo’s bin range thats the issue?