Live Current Account Rollout Counter

(Jolin) #549

Do we need @alexs to resume his tracking by asking new users their user number and dats activated? :eyes:

(Alex Sherwood) #550

Only if the “I’m user #x on Monzo” tweets get bought back & I’m guessing they won’t be :grimacing: or we pester users here a lot but we’d probably end up with less data.

(Jolin) #551

Oh, didn’t realise this was a semi-automated process. You could always jump on people in the Introduce Yourself thread. :rofl:


Mine says user #0

Active accounts ie ones with any activity in the last 28 days would be interesting

(Rika Raybould) #553

Thanks for reminding me, I still need to write a fix for all the existing accounts with #0 user numbers. :see_no_evil:

(Richard Cook) #554

If you’ve got other ideas for how we can visualise our data, come and share them here:

(Excited about Christmas) #555

Spiffy! #spiffy


How’s it broken? Is the figure generated not correct anymore? I would have thought if it hit 500k and then Monzo announced 500k the next day then it seems to be working very well. If it causes some sort of strain on resources then is it possible to update once a day at least?

I find the current account counter to be the most useful data that I can think of having. It tells me how fast Monzo is issuing accounts in almost real time and I use the data to plug in to my own sheet to track the value of the company using my own formula. There are also some great visualisations that people have built using the data feed so it would be quite a shame to see them lose their feed and their work go to waste.

Things like viewing where in the world transactions are taking place would be a cool gimmick but it wouldn’t be useful information like the current account counter.

(Tommy Long) #557

The issue with the counter is that it shows how many current accounts have been signed up, not how many are still open or how many are active. As such it’s not a particularly useful data point.

This does however demonstrate one of the big problems of software development, that it’s literally often not worth your while to give users a temporary or experimental feature because of the fuss that is raised when you decide to not support it any more

(Peter Roberts) #558

For me personally I’m complaining because I’ve noticed lots of little hints towards Monzo clamming up more and more - moving away from the ideal I felt it was striving from before. Examples of these are

  • @BethS ceasing to post prepaid accounts not-upgraded with a reason like “couldn’t find the info anymore”
  • @cookywook posting that these figures will be posted about after the prepaid program is closes up when Monzo write it all up
  • @cookywook posting that current account counter will be going away with a reason like “its not useful and its technically hacky”

Those are the ones that come to mind in the context of this topic but I feel in my gut like I’ve been noticing little things like this for a while now. On the surface alone none of those things would really bother me but together they are starting to seem a little too much like a concerted effort to remove information that was previously available freely to the public

I may just be reading too much into it, :man_shrugging: I wouldn’t want to just assume the best and not voice my concerns. I like Monzo, I love its culture but that doesn’t mean it can do no wrong. I care about its culture far more than the services it offers personally - if I just let go of the culture IMO I can get a better product from Starling right now (and I am using both Monzo and Starling because they are the best I’ve found right now overall)

(Richard Cook) #559

Sorry you feel that way, Peter! I promise we’re still absolutely committed to transparency, and I’ll personally always fight for sharing more, rather than less.

We still adhere to our blog post from last year: Transparent By Default. This line in particular sums it up:

An argument must be made to keep something secret, rather than to make it open

I think in this case we probably haven’t communicated our reasons for removing that counter very clearly, and that’s my bad. Rika’s done a much better job than I of explaining it here:

Let me know if you’ve got any other questions :slight_smile:


I genuinely lost it :speak_no_evil:

Looker is not something I have time to look at. I had it open as a tab and then had to reset chrome because it was being stupid. I didn’t think about bookmarking it because it’s not relevant to my role. I have two things bookmarked on looker: my qa and my productivity.

I’m sorry if you feel otherwise :frowning:

(Peter Roberts) #561

I’m really sorry :sob:. I didn’t mean that you personally should have to further justify yourself. After all it’s pretty unfair of me to imply you could be lying about stuff :frowning:

(Richard Cook) #562

Hello again, all! The day has come - Prepaid is officially over.

In the above blog post you’ll find some specific stats. The great news is that 94% of active prepaid users upgraded.

As this graph shows, we ended up with around 98k un-upgraded accounts -

There’s still time for them to get a current account too, their prepaid card just won’t work anymore.

Our total number of current accounts will remain visible on for now (we might move it in future). But right now it’s at a rather dandy 571,180 :tada:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

(Peter G) #563

Great to hear! Although the page with total current account numbers now redirects to the prepay closure blog. Is there a separate url to view it?


Richard posted it above but I can see how it could be missed. At riiight down the bottom.


It’s near the bottom of the homepage.


Can’t it be higher up @cookywook? Alex’s link was clicked like 6000 times, let alone the people who had the link saved in favourites. That’s like 10-20,000 times people gotta scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Aren’t you proud of the user numbers and growth rate?

What about “The bank of the future
Instant notifications. Built-in budgeting. Free payments abroad.
This isn’t banking as you know it. Monzo is a bank for everyone, built together with our community of 571,375 users.
Join the revolution today.”? :thinking:

(Michael) #567

There was discussion previously about that specific page not being written the write way for it to scale to (a) the numbers and (b) to remain permanently.

The number is now in the footer of the main site. :tada:


Read that but didn’t believe it. Monzo has some of the best programmers in the country - why can’t they accurately display a number from a database on a website?

Sounds like they are all wasting their time on fruity payment methods for the minority rather than the real burning issue of data analytics for the thousands of fanboys and fangirls who must know exactly how many others there are. :nerd_face: