Little worrying close to Christmas

Huge over reaction. 50,000 people in the world.


The 50,000 customers I take as 50,000 companies – I wouldn’t consider myself a customer of my employer’s HR software platform provider. (Although it’s the Sun so you could be right)

However, it sounds very US focussed. “The Sun US”, “paycheck” and the list of US organisations as examples makes me think it’s of no relevance over here.


I haven’t looked at OP link, but related to this?

Edit: It is.


So ultimately it does have UK impacts, I take from BBC it’s not 50,000 individuals but rather more likely 50,000 firms

I can’t help but feel that daily backups stored far away from any network should be mandatory for firms that handle so much important data


Company I work for uses Kronos. Normally I get paid on 25. Checked my bank account yesterday… salary pending for Tuesday 21


It’s the recovery time even if they had working backups, everything needs to be rebuilt from scratch to ensure they haven’t left any backdoors to hang around to ransom again if Kronos refuse to pay and just restore from backups.

Company I work for uses it too, still paid as usual this week. Next pay day may be interesting depending how long this drags on for. Temporary solution has been implemented, but it’s incredibly laborious.

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