Link withdrawals from pots to other transaction(s)

I think it would be a great feature to be able to link a withdrawal from a pot with a transaction from the main account.

For example, we have a pot named “Furniture Fund” which we created when we moved into our new home. I have spent some time tonight going through the pot history trying to add notes for every withdrawal like “our mattress”, “dining table”, etc. It would be fantastic to be able to actually link the pot withdrawal to the actual transaction for the purchase of the items.

There are also loads of notes that say “whoops withdrew too much” and then deposits that mirror that. I think there are lots of people who “borrow” their own pots and it would be cool to link the withdrawal and subsequent deposit in the same way.

Being able to link multiple translations to one withdrawal would also be good in case you made one withdrawal but bought several things from separate merchants, or paid yourself back over increments. What do you think? Useful feature or am I the only one who uses pots in this way?

I agree - I borrow from my pots every now and then - I put the word ‘borrowed’ in the notes when I write that such that I can search for them and make sure they’re repaid. But it’s not foolproof since it can be hard the make sure you’ve repaid it all if it takes multiple repayments to cover the amount borrowed.

This sounds similar in functionality to the idea suggested here:

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