Link a purchase with a POT withdrawal

Ok. Say Ihave a POT called ‘Christmas’ :christmas_tree:for example, I am obviously saving for Christmas. But Christmas isn’t just a one-off payment on the 25th of December :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it’s lots of little payments.
So when I buy a Christmas present (as I did yesterday for £20) I would then transfer £20 from my Christmas POT into my account. But there is no reference that this transfer was anything to do with the purchase. So there is no record of me actually using my Christmas POT for Christmas presents :grimacing:

Solution would be to link a purchase to a transfer from a POT. Oh gosh that would be so good!

This could be done before or after the purchase.

BEFORE: Transfer £30 for example from the POT into my account - make the purchase - then Cover the exact amount (£25.99) with money from that transfer - I am then given the option to put the remaining £4.01 back into the pot

AFTER: make the purchase then in categories you can have the option to ‘link it to a POT’ which automatically withdraws that exact amount from the POT into my account.

The phrasing could be something like… “cover this purchase”

Same issue arises for a holiday POT.

I almost feel like there is no point having a POT for something that isn’t a one off purchase I could just have a “general POT’ if there is no reference linked to the purchase .

The best I can currently do is remove the purchase from my summary, take it under “general“ and make a note. This seems like 2015! LOL

love you guys .


I quite like the sound of this. If I understand what you are saying correctly, it is a bit like the feature people have talked about where you could link your direct debits so they come out of a “Bills” or “Committed Spending” pot.

In this case though you could initially pay for something out of the main funds, but then afterwards link it to a pot so the amount in the pot is reduced.

I don’t think I would want to see a transfer to my main funds each time I did this, but maybe the transaction could be shown different to show it was taken from a pot.

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Hi @Owain81 you’ll be pleased to hear this has been raised a few times before however I don’t believe it’s currently planned in to scope out the feasibility of doing it. I can’t quite find the best idea thread to merge it with so I’ll just pop it in the ideas category and leave it separate for now!

Yes you’ve got it. There just needs to be some sort of link between a purchase and a POT.

Otherwise I have no idea of how much I’ve spent from my savings.

is there a way of seeing a summary for an individual POT at leas?

I think that this is a great idea. I’m not sure it would be easy to implement, but in the meantime, you could sort of achieve what you want by using tags, I think.

You could tag all of your Christmas buying with #CP, for example. It’s not as elegant as your solution, but it works now.

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Absolutely love this idea, It would make pots so much more flexible for me.


Great idea to tag -working well for me. The perfect solution would be some ability to ‘bill this transaction’ to a pot to save the double entry, so on that score my vote goes to @dave.b

This was my impetus to come to the forum today, so good to see it’s already reported as an idea in the collective Monzo consciousness :grinning:

Loving the Monzo life generally - thanks, Coral Crew!


This is exactly what I would like as well. I think this would work well with the (hopefully) soon to be released shared pots. It would be awesome then if payments could be made from pots so all the pot sharers could see what was being spent. This would fulfil my requirement for a joint account, but it would be better than that because you could make joint accounts with loads of people.

Shared holidays, whip rounds, um, those are the only two use cases I can think of at the moment. Gone slightly off topic here. Perhaps I should add this to the joint account thread! It is why I’ve been thinking about payments from pots though.