I’d also probably aim toward a role with more interaction with other colleagues, there’s plenty going on to get involved in to discuss, but working from home you don’t get much of that personal face to face/voice to voice interaction, when coming from a call centre previously, it’s a very different environment.

Where that leads me in terms of progression I’m not too sure :joy:

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Do you have remote meetings and stuff often? Do you get the choice to work from the office

We do have meetings, depending whats happening across the team.

I’m distributed, so fully remote as with majority of the workforce so we don’t have the opportunity to visit the office.

I live a dream they’d open an office in Newcastle :pray::joy:


So do Monzo only have one office?

Do you think there are challenges to wellbeing working for a company that you will never be in the physical presence of?

Monzo have London and Cardiff, both hosting different areas of the business.

As for any role really, wellbeing can be handled in many ways, it also depends on you as a person and how you manage being remote or spending the majority of your day in the house.

I do miss the office vibe, even if it was infrequent through COVID.


I would miss the commute to be honest


Ooo, an interrogation! I wanna play.

What does your role actually entail @Carlo1460?


Most definitely not a commute kinda guy :joy:

I deal with chats from customers who are facing financial difficulties, driving open, supportive and constructive conversations to understand their circumstances, what’s impacting them, how they’re managing and using this information to help guide us as COps to the most appropriate solution.

It can be a very busy day sometimes, others not so, there’s little pattern or prediction in most instances.


I bet your feeling the pressure since the cost of living has snot up along with food costs and energy bills

I think everyone is to be fair. It’s rough old times for us all.


Be interested to know about a typical workday - what hours you work, breaks etc, do you have to work to strict call targets? what was the interview process etc etc?

We don’t have set breaks other than an hours lunch, which is good, as we are trusted to take reasonable breaks throughout the day otherwise.

The majority don’t do calls (as far as I know), being a digital bank, we predominantly deal over chat. There are phone lines and people always there to answer the calls though.

There’s also a callback process if it’s easier for customers to communicate this way, or a bigger sense of urgency possibly. I’ve not done any calls since I started.

Interviews were very informal, more like a conversation. Involved competency based questions in the first round, and then values based in the second round. Both 45 minutes each side, with a short break in between to gather your thoughts.

No mind drilling questions, probably one of the better interviews I’ve had over the years. Structured, but not in the corporate sense you’d imagine.


Seems like a decent place to work. Good to have the autonomy to manage your own day to day tasks

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That’s always been a fear of mine during interviews because I feel like it puts me on the spot when I get asked something intense directly.

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Eee yeah, I remember going for a job some time ago, and the person doing the interview must’ve been new at it or something.

He asked a question, then asked 3 other questions after it.

I assume the other 3 were the follow up questions if I’d have not answered clearly or somewhat similar.

Complete throw off, I had 5 questions turn into 15, for an entry level role.

Put me off for about a year, safe to say, I didn’t get that job :joy:


Thanks for sharing!

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Oh, and with working hours (sorry), we run on open availability in most COps areas, so could differ week to week, with varied shifts throughout the week at 40 working hours per week. I want to say between 7am and 10pm, but we also have an option to choose preferences.

I’ve been fairly lucky in preferred time, getting mostly 9-6 shifts, working days varies, but again, fairly lucky with Monday to Friday shifts.

There’s people who prefer 1pm - 10pm shifts over the weekends and stuff too so makes for a good balance across the board, and some dont choose a preference and are happy either way.

Shifts are given well in advance with little amendments made once published. If it is changed there’s generally a good reason for this.

Some departments do have fixed shift patterns, that can only really do their work in general weekday hours, such as dealing with external companies who only work certain hours.

I like the choices, and booking leave has never been too difficult.



And just like that, 8 months later, the time has come to move on to other things.

Monzo has been fun for the most part, just figured it isn’t for me (personal and professional reasons).

I do have another job in place with a high street bank (office based).

What it has taught me, is the grass is most certainly not greener, though credit to those who do live, eat and dream the monzo vibe.



All the best with the new job!

Are you planning on sticking around here?


Don’t see why they wouldn’t! They were a community member first!

But this is just a ploy right? Coz Starling are getting sus.

Would love to learn more about your experience if you’re allowed to share it? Where it fell short of expectations and surpassed them? What the key differences are vs life at a high street?

Which bank are you moving to out of interest?