Lidl Plus

It seems Pluses are everywhere at the moment.

You’re waiting for one Plus and several turn up together.

Anyway, for anyone like myself who shops at Lidl, their Plus app is currently offering £5 off a £25 spend.

Might stock up on Perlenbacher for the weekend :beers:


I wasn’t even aware this was a thing! Thanks!


Looks like it’s just for the GB stores, not Northern Ireland

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That’s annoying!

Coming :soon: according to this…

Galereux is on offer at the moment, down from top dollar to the same price as their lesser lagers.

Ie. 20p off :grin:

Thanks for the tip!

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I might splash out and see how the other half live!


Does it come with a metal card?

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The revolutionary Lidl Medl™ card

It’s a round metal card, quite thick and as a bonus can be inserted into a trolley to release it from the secured trolley-herd. Example shown below (clip available with Lidl Medl Plus plan)
lidl medl

Other than that - and the ability to pose with it in Aldi trolleys, making their clientele wel jel - there’s nothing much to it. It’s all about the status and being a big’ed up Lidl customer.


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