Level Card

Anyone heard of Level Card? Had a card with them in 8 month, So I update my Address they asked for a bank statement or Utility bill which I provided only for for me to see card removed notification (1 hr later) they have sent me a replacement card I did not request for as well as lowered my credit limit to £200 this is weird :woozy_face:

Not a good credit card company - they don’t even offer an interest free period if you pay the bill in full.

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No issue with that for me as I always pay off my debt each month am not using credit card for long term borrowings, they have instant transaction alert which actually attracted me to them,
Might add they changed you get interest free period if you pay in full each month

Never had a problem with them. Updated my address no bother, increased my limit x4.

I have, however, just closed all my credit cards after consolidating to a loan.

Bip was probably the most challenging :sweat_smile: so much to and fro for a simple request.


Maybe there is bad debt history at the new address who knows. Maybe appeal it with their underwriting


First time hearing history of debt at a address affect borrowings, If I had known I would not have bothered updating to this address and keep my parents home address. I have called it looks card was re issued in error and limit wasn’t decrease either but in my case am seeing a lower limit, everything else is just strange at this point but I like the card.

I will leave a update in the coming days

Ahh NewDay Everything from them can be headache I never had a problem with Level until recently but then this isn’t level alone I have to visit branches to update my address as I had issues my adding my flat number it has to be done manually

Ah that’s a bit naff.

I’d jump on the Royal Mail website address checker and confirm yours is there, if not, get them to add it and shouldn’t have any issues in the future with it.


I did as you stated I can find my address there but as you know in everything In regard to legacy like bank it takes them years to have updated information or they just don’t bother because I did not have the issues with Monzo

Ah, that’s naff.

If or when you move next time let’s hope the address is there :sweat_smile:

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Idea of this is to not be charged any interest

Interest free period = no interest if you pay your bill in full within the relevant time period. You won’t be charged if you pay off in full with most credit cards. You are/were with level. Interest free period doesn’t just related to an 18 month deal or the like.

When I had the card - they emailed saying are you sure this card is for you (as I put settle in full) as there is no interest free period. This is not standard practice, it’s rip off low limit style CC practice :slight_smile: If they’ve changed this let me know & I’ll retract. This was from 2020 in my experience.

Edit - OP stated they have reverted to normal CC practice of an interest free period - I haven’t verified this

They changed their practice somewhere around May -July last year I saw a article about them charging each day even if you pay in full a while back, I haven’t paid a dime In interest. my practice is use credit card for things I would normally buy with debit card why not use the bank money and pay it off next month so stuff like interest period don’t matter even if the Apr is 105 percent, I am extremely frugal and always have emergency savings so am good :blush:

Glad to hear they changed it - was shambolic practice!

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This is what it says on the back of my most recent statement

You are not charged interest if you pay in full I have never paid interest since owning it

Probably if you repay in the same billing period.

Most credit cards are 56 days, basically toward the end of your second billing cycle.

Because it doesn’t, that’s a myth.

Edit to source: Credit Ratings: How Do Other People’s Debts Affect Me?


Level emailed me to tell me this is exactly what they don’t offer. I called them and they confirmed. No interest free period on any transaction means you are charged daily until you settle, not that it’s interest free in the statement period. Hearing this, Account closed instantly in 2020. The OP claims this has changed but this hasn’t been verified.


Maybe that was a thing In 2020, we are in 2022 they must’ve have changed their practice a year ago because I have never paid a dime in interest this is coming from someone who has a account with them.
It could be their wordings and how you translate was in error just like how I asked them to update my address but I card replacement instead
Mr Carlo might have say has he previously had a account with them too