Legacy banking rant


Phone app showed balance well into the positive, but available balance in the negative. Couldn’t workout/remember what the pending payments might be. No way to see pending payments in mobile app.

Login to website carefully copying and pasting my password which has to be too complicated for me to remember, plus my username, plus my six-digit pin.

Account front page gives no more info than the mobile app. Decide to look at statement. No that only goes up to the 4th April.

Figure out I should be looking in the transactions tab. Has latest transactions, (but not the pending ones). I sigh. Heavily.

I notice that my groundbreaking internet bank now has an online chat service! Am delighted by this nod to the 21st century. I initiate chat.

Me: I notice my account has x balance, but y balance available. I’m wondering what the pending transactions are?

Bank: Which account are you asking about?

Me: Gives account number

Bank: I can see you have a balance of X, and an available balance of Y. This means you have some pending transactions.

Me: Can you tell me what they are?

Bank: I’ll see if this information is available.

Long pause

Bank: Bear with me.

Longer Pause

Bank: I can see you have 7 pending transactions. Would you like you to tell me what they are?

Me: Yes please

Bank: Amount 1
Amount 2
Amount 3
Amount 4
Amount 5
Amount 6
Amount 7

Do you recognise any of these transactions?

Me: Are you able to tell me what they are for?

Bank: I’ll see if this information is still available

Really long pause

Bank tries to log me out of the online banking (and presumably the chat) I frantically hit the stay logged in button before the timer runs out.

Bank: I’m sorry, this information is no longer available.

I mean WTF - how can it be possible that I am entirely unable to find out who my pending transactions are with?!


Hmm lets play guess the bank…



I couldn’t possibly comment…