Left to spend breaks the day before any bill pot payment goes out

For most of the month my left to spend correctly knows that bills coming from my bill pot are covered, even though the money isn’t in my main account.

However, on ~ the day before a payment goes out, once it starts showing in the feed in greyscale, left to spend includes it in the upcoming spends and so thinks I am short of money. Once the payment then goes out, it’s resolved and left to spend is back to being correct.

Since my committed spends don’t all go out on the same day, this happens many times a month. It completely breaks what has become a vital functionality for me.

Have uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled since this started happening and did not help.

OS: Android
Device: Moto G5S Plus
App Version: 3.4.0

I have the same problem on iOS . Is this a known issue ?

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I’m pretty sure it’s universal, I’ve seen others mention it in the bill pots feedback thread.

Just to update the topic, this seems to have now been fixed, and issues with the committed spend lost not being able to handle bill pots have now also been fixed!! Yay! Thanks Monzo team.

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