Leeds Building Society - mortgage direct debit

(Keri) #1

Has anyone here had luck setting up a direct debit for mortgage repayments with Leeds Building Society?

I used the CASS and it was the only one that didn’t work. It moved across but they have never taken it. I rang them to question it and they said that it happens when people use CASS.

So I set it up again and waiting until 01 June. Again nothing, so rang them and they said it hadn’t gone through the last time.

It’s all set up to come out 01 July but no notification in app that it’s been set up so won’t hold my breath.

Anyone else having issues with Leeds Building Society?


Might be worth getting in touch with BACS.

(Keri) #3

If nothing happens at the start of July I will do.
Just frustrating that the most important payment isn’t working! I’m having to ring them once a month to make a payment which is not ideal! They recognise the bank because on the phone they say Monzo, I just never get any further than that.