Learning English for Work

Does anyone know of a service that helps you learn more preferable manners of speaking when it comes to communicating professionally, say via e-mail in an office environment or something? I think that years of using IMs has ruined me, when it comes to typing e-mails out at work. It feels like I have to constantly read and make sure it all flows, don’t know.

I got 8 (i believe this is OK?) s in English last year, I imagine as I wrote an absolutely belter story about a South African snake whisperer called Winston Sterzel (look him up) and a guy called Mark Steyn.

Just… would like help forming sentences/emails for work? Does that make sense?

Anyway, have at it fellas!

Microsoft 365 and Google both have decent predictive text that help with making things sound professional and correct spelling mistakes, I wouldn’t disregard that so quick.

Sadly, we do not use OWA but Outlook 2016. I imagine OWA will work however, given it is a 365 account according to the settings. Thank you!

Yeah try sign in on the web if it’s a 365 account, and then install the site as an app, and it acts pretty much native, except some outlook extensions.

Alternatively try the preview outlook for windows app if you can install it, I don’t think it needs licensing.

But overall if you’re good at your job people will just look past your grammar, might just assume you’re foreign or similar, people don’t care too much, just put some effort into improving and you should be fine.

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I work in a call centre at 17, and have had various awards tbh, so I’m likely a-OK. Moving onto the next role up, and looking forward to my birthday soon, will finally be able to not be landed with Irn Bru at the end of the week with my colleagues :stuck_out_tongue:

You seem to write good English on here so it seems like it’s just more confidence that you need and that will come with time/experience


Don’t worry, I do the same. And then as I press sent, spot the obvious error.

You write well on here and I think in general, the people who are conscious of it have a higher level anyway.

As long as you’re not telling people “your getting a refund” and telling them not to worry about “loosing there money” you’ll be absolutely fine.


Can you install one of the many different types of the Grammarly service into your various apps/software?

You can set the level of formality and tome in a selected language.


You could do worse than picking up a copy of this book:


Hahah, I most definitely don’t do that verbally or via messaging. I have seen other colleagues type similar though. I believe thats out of them not caring, based on who :wink: Never knew office workers took the piss so much until I got a job, and quite how much many relished it

I shall download this as an ePub

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As much as that would work, my understanding is they collect a lot of data - and my emails contain a heck of a lot of confidential data and customer information - I cannot imagine it is wise to run it through an extension given that. Otherwise I would.

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P.s. these responses have been written on my mobile, so grain of salt with the grammar.

@Revels I have heard people say all sorts on the floor, by the way. It initially shocked me.

You’d need to speak to your employer about what support they have, they will likely have something or point you towards some forms of internal/external educational programmes.

To be fair, based on the conversations we’ve had you portray yourself well, try not over think it.

With emails at work, it’s variable, but mostly:

Hi so-and-so,

I hope you’re well.

(This is my summary of the situation/request.)
My customer here needs xyz applied to their account/emailed to them.

(This is what I’ve done/found so far.)
I’ve had a look on abc but I’m unable to action this myself/dont have access to the files needed.

(This is what I need from you.)
Would you please mind letting me know how to action this/are you able to resolve this for me?

Many thanks,

Carl O.

No need for stories, no too much in depth (query dependent), and this is just an example.

It’s probably the bulk of my emails unless a basic to and fro with my team lead or generic shizzle not needing formalities (I deem anything more than 2 emails in a chain a conversation, and don’t start with “hi name” if it’s a long one).

Everyone has a preference, but as long as you can explain why you cant do what you need from them, there’s probably very little to and fro.


If you mean IELTS this is a great score so don’t worry. Focus on any area you were lower in to improve but you probably don’t need to worry too much.

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Ah, in that case you’ll have to manually apply the tone & format. A course or a self-help book it is!

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