Launching early access to travel reports!

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We really think Mondo is the best card to use abroad, with no fees, a great exchange rate, instant notifications and now…travel reports! :flight_departure:

Read more and get early access here:


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Travel reports
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(Adam) #4

How would it work if you travelled to several countries? Next week I’m going to Spain, France, Italy and Germany. Would I get a report for each country or for the entire trip?


(ole) #5

As a first version, we implemented it so that you get a report per country. It would be nice to get one report for your whole trip but it quickly gets rather complicated to show a meaningful map and potentially handle multiple currencies, so we keep it simple for now :slight_smile:.


(Alex Sherwood) #6

@tristan I’ve signed up for early access, will I get a notification when the feed item to enable access arrives or do I need to keep checking the app? As you can tell, I’m keen to check this out :wink:

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(Tristan Thomas) #7

I’ll update this thread when we push them out—you’ll get a feed item but no notification (I think? cc @ole )

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(Andrew Ross) #8

What if we’re holidaying in the UK - it would be good to ‘flick a switch’ to turn it on. :slight_smile:


(Nicholas Carter) #9

1 week after I get back from Paris :pensive: Time to book another holiday then? :smiley:


(tom) #10

In future, I think we can probably detect that you’re more than X miles from your home address and send you a notification asking “Are you on holiday in Brighton?”

I’ve made a load of little trips in the UK that it would be great to categorise.


Start your own trip report
Option to freeze/ change certain categories for a period of time
(Christopher J. Sladdin) #11

If you’ve already been on a trip, will you still get a report for that trip, just back-dated? And will reports show in the timeline indefinitely or can you only view them once? Would love to be able to keep them :slight_smile:


(Tom ) #12

Yes would also like to know if this can be backdated?

I got a notification to allow location and accepted. On next app load Mondo hung completely. Only way back in was a full iPhone hard reset.


(james_e_bell) #13

This is a great idea - would be good to get a picture of whether I am spending more while away etc. I think this would be useful not just for UK holidays but for business trips etc


(Frank) #14

I mentioned in the sneak peek it would be good to tell the app you are on holiday and give from and to dates. That would also cover trips in multiple destinations.

Or add the ability to create an ‘event’ and tag transactions with the event.


(Frank) #15

Also the entry field for early access doesn’t seem to like iOS 10 when using th in app browser. It’s like it was getting confused with what you want to do.



The image on the blog shows the ability to select Holiday or Business.

Edit: Just realised you were commenting on this working as a trip within the UK.

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(Tristan Thomas) #17

They won’t be backdated (for now) I’m afraid :slight_smile: Likewise, they only work when going abroad (we detect based on location and card payments). Feed items should have all been sent out now as of about 5.30pm — any stragglers we’ll do tomorrow!


(Alex Sherwood) #18

I received a feed item asking me to turn on location based security, is enabling that setting (& therefore allowing access to location while not using the app), also activating the travel reports? It sounds like a separate feature…


(James Richards) #19

Got it! Looking forward to testing this next week


(Richard Dingwall ) #20

Enabling location services won’t automatically enable travel reports but it will make them (and other Mondo features) much better! :slightly_smiling_face:

The app can greet you with the exchange rate as soon as you step off the plane, and send you your trip report as soon as you land back. Without your location, the app can only tell by the first time you make a purchase at an merchant in a different currency / country. So you wouldn’t be told the exchange rate until you made a purchase. :euro:

Additionally, we can do a much better job of protecting you against certain types of fraudulent transactions if we know (for example) you’re nowhere near the merchant in question. :policeman:


(Will) #21

I signed up and got the same “fraud prevention” message rather than a travel report one.

I’m already out of the country. Will this stop me having a travel report for this trip or will it detect the run of foreign transactions (like breakfast tomorrow!) and then give me the report when I get back to the UK?


(ole) #22

Hi @wjs, it depends on when exactly it got turned on for you but there should be a good chance that you’ll get the welcome abroad message tomorrow with your breakfast. Let us know how it goes!

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