Launching early access to travel reports!

(Evan Davis) #39

@tristan here’s what a completed Mondo transaction looks like. As you can see, no conversion was done.


(Tristan Thomas) #40

Perfect, thanks! We’ll manually fix it :slight_smile:


(Evan Davis) #41

@tristan Excellent! :slight_smile: I’ve walked back into Spain now. I assume I need to make a transaction in the country before the app gives me the “Welcome to Spain” message?

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(Tristan Thomas) #42

Ha. It should also happen based on your GPS location if you enabled that but not clear on exactly when that happens. @dom might be able to shed more light :slight_smile:


(Ashley) #43

@tristan I was a straggler last night and signed up late, do you know when today’s feed will be sent out?


(dom) #44

There are certain situations when it’s not instant right now. We need to improve a few things around the timings so it could take up to a few hours. Alternatively, if you do a transaction then it should recognise that straight away.


:singapore: Monzo in Singapore [Discussion]
(Evan Davis) #45

@tristan @dom I’ve set my location preferences to “Always”, but I might change it back to “While Using the App”. It could get a bit annoying to get notifications every time I go to and from work.

Here’s a note and some coins from Gibraltar.


(Christopher J. Sladdin) #46

Will the Mondo app require a data subscription in the destination country to show the report or will it work on WiFi?



Good question. I’m going to use a different SIM in South Africa next month. Can I download the mondo app to that SIM, login as usual and then change back to usual SIM on return?


(Tristan Thomas) #48

It’ll work on WiFi :smiley: No problem with changing SIMs!



Same thing will probably happen with Falkland pounds, and Channel Island / IOM - other “sterling in disguise” currencies.

Thought - has a Revolut card been used in the Falklands yet? - that really is the end of the Earth


(Evan Davis) #50

@David.D Almost certainly in the Falklands as they also have an ISO 4217 code (FKP… also 1:1 with the GBP).

IOM and the Channel Islands don’t have their own ISO 4217 code.


(Phil) #51

Missed out on the beta, and I’m going on hols next week. :frowning:


(Ashley) #52

Same here Phil, was hoping I was one of the late comers on that night to get the code for the next day but didn’t get it.



My initial feedback on the travel reports is they are handy to see but I’d like to see more information. For example if I travel between countries it is a separate travel report, ideally i would like to see one combined report at the end of my trip if they all use the same currency.

Being able to tag all transactions as holiday is handy as well as seeing the exchange rate but I’d like to see how much money I have in my account in the local currency.

The travel report shows you how much you have spent but it doesn’t say how much I saved by using the MasterCard base rate. Is there anyway you can compare against the average most providers charge so I can see the potential benefits of using Mondo instead of a bank that charges?

Overall it’s a good feature, it just a needs to give a bit more information


(Matt) #54

Hi all - signed up for travel reports a few days ago, but as of yet not received anything in my feed about it? I’m off to the UAE at the beginning of September and am really keen to try this out! :airplane:️:v:️


(Alisdair Mc Dougall) #55

Hi I have not received anything about travel reports. Is this still in dev phase so you are only releasing in stages or should I have received it?

I have just come back from three weeks in Indonesia and had a slight problem with using my Mondo card. As in a lot of countries like Indonesia places add a 3℅ charge to the bill for paying with card. This means it is cheaper to pay in cash, especially as Mondo doesn’t have transaction fees abroad. The problem I faced is that most >90℅ of the cash machines in Indonesia would not process my Mondo card. The app gave a small not about something to do with the magnetic strip (feel free to look at my account for the exact errors). I did not have the same problem with any of my other bank cards just unfortunately racked up a fair amount in charges.


(Tom) #56

This will be the same problem as with lots of American ATMs: [quote=“ole, post:1, topic:143”]
Mag stripe ATMs will not work with our card (particularly annoying in America)

I believe in America ATMs at banks use chip and pin so don’t have this problem, but don’t know about Indonesia :thinking:


(Rob Slater) #57

Damn pity I missed this as off on three long weekends away in to Europe in the next month would have been good to have tested it out after using Mondo in USA, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Athens, Istanbul and Hong Kong so far this year :frowning:


(James Richards) #58

Just like to say that all working very well here in France. Thanks @Mondo