Launching 3D Secure!


If I last looked at my sole account and I’m verifying a payment on my joint account, having to switch between them really hampers the flow of the 3DS the way it is currently implemented. Is there a way to smooth this out?


Not had a Debit MasterCard before and I’m quite impressed that to verify the transaction you have to enter your Monzo account to tap on the transaction, in this case I tapped on DVLA. I’m impressed and it’s a nice feature. Thumbs up from me.

(Jack) #167

The feature you’re talking about is 3DS and was recently introduced into the Monzo app.

They way Monzo have implemented it is great! Much better than with other banks where you have to memorise a password.

I’m sure the Monzo team appreciate the positive feedback!

I hope you don’t mind but I’ve moved your post to join all the other comments regarding this feature :slight_smile:


Yes MasterCard 3D secure, I’ve heard of it but not only just experienced it. Other banks or Visa take note.

Yes that’s fine Jack.

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I had the same experience with DVLA , no problems at all, very smooth process, shame about the amount of “vehicle excise duty” I have to stump up for the amount of potholes I get :slight_smile:

(Andy) #170

3D secure is the same on MasterCard and Visa, the authentication options are determined by the banks so this is the security options that Monzo have picked


Ah well mines £20 so not too bad, I just moan about the tax on petrol.

(Richard Bairwell) #172

The only ‘snag’ I’ve found with 3DSecure is if your Monzo app is currently in your ‘joint account’ and a 3DS transaction comes through on the personal account. Clicking on the notification just brings up an empty/white transaction view for me on Android. I then have to go back, go to Account, switch to Personal, cancel the transaction at the merchant and reattempt it.


It happens in the other direction as well but I’ve not had to cancel, the approval is sitting in my feed ready for me to click.


I’ve encountered this bug a few times as well.

Is there a plan to fix this? It’s not a great user experience.

(Andy) #175

It was flagged up during the initial labs testing of it so I think it’s in the backlog of things to look at

(Harry) #176

19p :weary::weary::weary:

(Richard Bairwell) #177

Yeah, I think Monzo’s anti-fraud system needs some working on (perhaps they are still gathering training data for it). I know on my other cards, I haven’t seen any VerifiedByVisa/3DSecure prompts for over a year (as I tend to just use the same handful or so of merchants with roughly the same amounts: ‘new merchants’ I usually put through Paypal until I ‘trust’ them with my direct card details).



Could someone tell me how to turn this 3d secure off or auto approve it?

I get the 3d secure notification every-time I put money on my work cafeteria account now and the process takes ages to go through the popups, unlock my phone, type my pin number etc. Its incredibly time consuming now for what used to be a very simple topup. Doing it on my natwest card has no such issues.

(Andy) #179

There’s no way of doing either of these at present but I believe Monzo are looking at improvements including auto approvals based on past authentication. No timescales or promises though!


Did I see a thread a while back (from @rika I think), which went along the lines of “low amounts shouldn’t be flagging up, and should auto approve”?

I think it was in response to a 3DS which was for pennies (literally).

It would be nice if the 3DS worked in a similar way to contactless - £30 auto approve, and anything above that going through the app/SMS.

(Rika Raybould) #181

The team that took over the project is currently working on exactly this. :slightly_smiling_face:

(David I) #182


Are they also looking at reducing the number of logins required before you can approve a payment? On my iPhone I currently have to touchID / login 3 times in a click heavy process

  1. Receive Notification
  2. tap Notification
  3. unlock phone
  4. Monzo app loads
  5. Unlock app
  6. click transaction awaiting approval
  7. click approve
  8. touchID to authorise
  9. exit app
  10. lock phone

Feels like this could be much slicker…

(MikeF) #183

Unlocking the app is optional…

Technically, I guess unlocking the phone is optional too!

(David I) #184

So to make the process quicker I should remove the recommended security from my device or the app? Not the advice I would advocate :laughing: :sob: