Launching 3D Secure!

(MikeF) #185

As I say, it’s optional.

If you feel locking the app adds security in some way then that’s your choice.

To be clear, I wasn’t recommending that you do either but I was pointing out that some of the obstructions are things you’ve chosen to put in place and now seem to be asking to bypass.

(Is Santa here yet?) #186

I use the sms option, a lot easier


Out of interest, how would you see it being slicker?

I don’t have a password on my Monzo app, so it opens straight away - You’ve highlighted you would need the extra security to do anything anyway (pay someone for example), so I don’t see the need to password protect the app itself (I have FaceID for the phone in general).

So the only thing from your list that would be taken out for how I do things, is step 5 - The rest is the same.

(David I) #188

I have seen other apps which have (what I think in iOS terms is called a notification handler) the ability to approve directly from the notification so it would be theoretically possible to…

  • Receive Notification
  • force-tap Notification
  • click approve
  • touchID to authorise

Phone is never unlocked, app is never loaded. Would require sufficient info in the notification to identify the transaction and value which I think is already there.


I’d love for the notification to allow a “approve/deny” drop down option.

I can’t actually remember, would this require the phone to be unlocked (or for your Face/Thumb to allow the notification to be interacted with?)

(David I) #190

With the other apps I have which behave like this depending on the app/phone settings you can interact with the notification while the phone is locked but then the app itself verifies the auth/ID and the result does not unlock the phone.

(Daniel) #191

Is there any update in regards to improving this service?

So far the 3D secure is the worse experience in Monzo, cannot purchase anything online without having my phone on me

(Daniel) #192

I mean this is just silly now

(Andy) #193

I’ve stopped getting 3D for retailers that I’ve previously approved via 3D secure so I guess Monzo are improving on this gradually

(MikeF) #194

Silly of Barclaycard to request it or of Monzo to pass the request on to you?

(Or both…)


Barclaycard are annoying with 3d secure, I can only do sms approval as if you leave the app the payment restarts. I wish Barclays and other companies would stop doing that

(Jonathon) #196

Really? I get asked everytime regardless.

(Daniel) #197

The only retailer that’s stopped asking for 3D secure for me is Amazon, other than that I get it for every retailer

(Andy) #198

Had amazon ever asked? They don’t even capture the CVV number!

(Daniel) #199

Come to think of it, maybe they haven’t!

Makes me wonder how they don’t need approval yet every other retailer always ask, I couldn’t actually remember the last time I had to do a 3D secure with my previous bank

(Andy) #200

So 3D secure is optional for every retailer however the massive draw with using it means liability is shifted from retailer to the customers bank for any fraud etc

Here’s the liability matrix:

(Gareth) #201

You are correct, Amazon don’t do either. I’m not sure how they get away with not taking the CVV number. I’m sure it’s another cost cutting exercise :roll_eyes:

(Andre Borie) #202

You don’t need a CVV to process a transaction. I believe you don’t even need an expiry date.

They get away with it because they do other fraud checks (they will actually ask for CVV and/or further verification if anything looks strange) and are happy to swallow the occasional bit of fraud that still manages to slip through.

(Peter Shillito) #203

Okay so it looks like some transactions are getting auto approved through 3D Secure now, which is great. Problem is, I still get the notification asking to approve or cancel every time, but tapping it does nothing because it’s already auto-approved.

(Kolok) #204

Doesn’t auto approve defeat the purpose of 3ds?