Large payments for house purchase

I am purchasing a house and need to send a large amount of money (six figures) to my solicitors. It’s currently in my savings account with another bank, but I can’t make a payment from there, only transfer it to another current account in my name.

Once I get the money into my Monzo account, I want to pay it across to solicitors ASAP. How do I go about making one large payment?

Go to Help and search ‘Make a large payment’ and tap the words ‘Let us know’ and follow what it says

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As per the post above you need to arrange in advance to have your limits raised. There’s a workflow for this.

But in the case of a six figure sum which will come from another account, I’d advise doing this in plenty of time in case there are questions about where you got the money. (I know it’s your money, but this kind of movement can trigger compliance questions.)


The money also needs to be in your account the day you want the request to happen. So don’t leave it too little time, a good few days from receipt to monzo responding and you’re good.

I haven’t looked at the flow and the help article in too much detail, but is all this explained somewhere in app for the customer (same for what @Carlo1460 says)? If not, then the new flow is just lipstick on a pig.

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In current account; manage; limits; at the bottom request a limit increase.

Asks for ID and details of payment flow.

Fairly certain the funds do, or definitely used to be, need to be readily available to change the limit.

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