Labs Feedback: Summary 📊

(Jami Welch) #427

Yeah, I feel this one a lot too. For now, would excluding the transaction, and marking it with a category like Finances work? That’s what we’re currently thinking as a shorter term approach.

(Joseph Brown) #428

Even better would to have a category (e.g. Finances) that is automatically excluded, rather than having to do it twice.

(Jami Welch) #429

What you described is what we’re working towards.

If your £700 for bills is a scheduled payment (and in the future Direct Debits), it falls under Committed Spending and will be removed from your dial completely, leaving a full, green dial of with a total of £300 for spending.

If your big bills aren’t scheduled yet, or are mostly Direct Debits - for now you can exclude those payments (from their transaction screen) to separate them out from your disposable case.

Hope this helps!

(Edward Robert) #430

Ah thanks Jami, that sounds great. I currently send funds directly into another account (joint account with OH) to cover bills etc. I’ll change this to a scheduled payment for next month. Thank you! Excited to see how I get on with it now! :):grinning:

(Jami Welch) #431

I have a standing order to my joint account for all my bills, works quite well :slight_smile:

(Jami Welch) #432

Hey all,

Thanks again for all the feedback you’ve shared the last week. Here’s a run down of some of the updates we’re planning based on what we’ve heard so far.

Just as a reminder, a first version of Targets are on the way, and will be included in the next iOS and Android releases.

Shorter Term updates

  • We’re going to change the Set Payday flow to be called Change start date, and reduce the feeling that you need your salary to be paid in for it to work. We will also make it clearer that you budget isn’t affected by the transaction you choose, only the start date.

  • We’re going to reduce the minimum amount threshold for payments to show up as shortcuts when changing your start date from £500 to something lower.

  • We’re going to refine the logic that decides if your dial should be green, orange, or red - so that there is more tolerance, especially earlier in the month. This should reduce how many people are told they’re going to run out of money even though everything feels fine.

  • We heard that separating out Monzo payments, and payments from Bank Transfers is confusing, so will group all three under Transfers.

  • We’ve added a route to view excluded transactions on Android. It was already there on iOS.

  • We’re going to reduce how quickly the show more/show less button snaps shut.

Larger pieces that will take a bit more time

  • We know the current approach for setting a custom start date for your Summary doesn’t work for everyone, and doesn’t handle being paid late. We’ll add some flexibility here to cover more pay day schedules.

  • We need to improve the Pots section, and make it clearer when money is moving in and out of a Pot. Right now things are consistent with the rest of the app, but it’s still not clear enough.

  • Pulling Direct Debits and online subscriptions into Committed Spending (for now, excluding them from Spending will have a similar effect on your dial)

  • Finding a good flow for those that budget weekly. Balancing the need to manage a shorter time frame, without losing sight of big monthly bills.

Thanks again!


(Tom Owen) #433

Not sure how I have £0 left to spend but still will have £ at end of month?

Wont this need targets to work?

(Tom Owen) #434

So I think i’d like it if DDs were planned spending as the majority of bills arw non variable or v similar every mont. Everything else is variable so say I had a grand left after paying all commited bills (long term aspiration) it would be good to be able to track that against targets. Not sure what the wheel is showing me in my last post? Id like it to start 1k and look spending against targets bs time in month. Apols if going over old ground

(Steve Bennett) #435

Can’t see if anyone else has reported this yet - but when i try to view my summary it crashes the app, was working fine yesterday. Have had to disable labs since then

Version: 1.26.1
Device: Samsung Galaxy S8
Android Version: 8.0.0

(Jami Welch) #436

The dial currently takes all your available money (minus committed spending and pots deposits) as it’s total, then works out how much of that has been spent (by deducting your total in Spending.

I’m not sure why you’re seeing what you’re seeing. Looks like a bug. Do you have Direct Debits due n the next day or so, that haven’t gone out yet? We have a bug at the moment where that is confusing things.

(Tom Owen) #437

Only one on the 4th I think. Everything else has already gone.

(Tom Owen) #438

Mine should be red as in OD until I get some expenses back. Does it include OD as available funds?

(Jami Welch) #439

Ah! If you’re currently in your overdraft, then this is how the current iOS app version handles it.
The update that should be going out in the next day or so will show something a little more useful.

(The status message will tell you how much you’re currently in your overdraft, and the dial won’t be green).

(Tom Owen) #440

Cool. I think this will work really well for me once you can include DDs as commited spending and other tweaks made

(Chris Byatt) #441

I’d like to be able to mark a pot as a planned spend, i often use pots for to put money aside for rent at the start of a month (it’s not a standing order) for example

(Jami Welch) #442

Interesting, thanks!

What would you expect to happen when you then remove the money from the pots and pay your rent? Where would things live?


I like this idea as well, as I put a bit by every month for a holiday so in effect it’s savings :thinking:

But I also stumbled on what would happen what you move it back into your pot… in my example it wouldn’t necessarily be excluded from spending


What’s it doing for non committed expected expenditure? My dial seems to significantly over estimate how much I’ll spend before it’s set to reset.

(Calum James) #445

I actually wish there were a way we could remove all the data from the prepaid cards because I (and many others) didn’t use Monzo much or exclusively until they offered current accounts, so data like my total spent at McDonald’s altogether is completely inaccurate unless I filter it down to when I got my current account (December).

(Calum James) #446

Is there a list of known issues for Summary anywhere? I see a post above mentioning a bug with direct debits. I saw a bug with a direct debit before it went out, but I’m seeing a more pressing issue with a standing order:

My standing order for my rent went out on May 1; however, Summary still shows that as planned spending and it’s now 2 May. The standing order has definitely gone out.