Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

(Richard Bairwell) #529

I’d quite like a little bit at the top on my personal feed (and vice versa) such as:
‘Latest joint account (balance: £532) transactions
Merchant name abc 1/Aug : £28 Merchant name def 1/Aug: £328
Merchant name ghi 1/Aug : £28 Merchant name jkl 1/Aug: £328’

No logos/extra details etc - just a short, concise overview/summary (same sort of text size of the transaction notes so the summary takes up just about the space of a single feed item). Only shows the last day or twos transaction (and if there are any DDs due tomorrow, it could replace the bottom line with those details).

I think the need to me to then ‘switch accounts’ would be once a month instead of every other day.

(Pete) #530

Has there been any indication given of when joint accounts will come out of labs, and when joint pots will launch?

The setup in our household is: I earn the money, my wife spends it — so having a joint account, with joint pots (to replace our joint account and various joint savings accounts) is what’s stopping us going #fullmonzo

(Blair Hopcroft) #531

Moving money from joint to personal accounts is a tad fiddly.

I love money once a week from joint to my own and my wife’s account. Last week for me I had to withdraw, for the good lady i had to transfer.

This week I saw both were in the transfer list so tried to transfer to both. My wife’s worked perfectly but mine kept failing so I had to withdraw.

Would make more sense if the withdraw function had an option to choose which account to withdraw too given that we can’t have the joint without each having a personal monzo.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #532

Me too! :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Blair Hopcroft) #533

Haha. I love having it by better half loves spending it. :joy:

(Paul Ricco) #534

This might not be specific to joint accounts but will it ever be possible to add notes / tags to bank transfers and when you move money between Monzo accounts? We move money around accounts to pay for our childcare and would like to tag them to help keep track but it doesn’t seem to appear as an option for us.

Also on a side-note when my wife moves money into her own Monzo account it appears with the text “you paid [wife’s name]”, which makes it sound like I did it when in fact she did.

(Kelvin Papp) #535

Forgive me for not trawling through all of the replies since my last entry, but a couple of minor things following our JA being setup (and before I initiate CASS :))…

  • The card we have received is identical to the regular Monzo account card. I thought the intention was to mark it with “Joint Account” (as is the case when you register it within ApplePay)?
  • Is there an emergency access portal, as with regular accounts? The site defaults to my named account when I login, with no option to switch to the JA. Is there an emergency mechanism for freezing JA cards / accessing JA’s?


(Kelvin Papp) #536

+1, in addition to transaction tags… :slight_smile:

(Andy) #537

The cards haven’t finished being made yet. As soon as they are you will be given an in app notification asking if you’d like a new joint account card or keep the one you have.

Not yet. Not heard any details on wether this is being worked on yet or not.

(Kelvin Papp) #538

Thanks Andy :+1:


The last I heard on this was they weren’t going to build it. But that was weeks ago now so it may have changed. Can’t find a source though (sorry).

(Ricky Nos) #540

Does it make sense to be able to pick a date to start the summary/budgetary information?
And particularly for joint accounts why not make it the 1st of every month.

My thinking is if you have both incomes been paid in the chances are they will be on different dates and so the summary is never going to be right unless you can select both income payments on different dates.

(Andy) #541

Absolutely need to be able to pick a date. Myself and my partner run our budget to my payday which is first

(Nigel) #542

I agree that being able to pick a date or even two (we get paid on separate dates) will make this feature more useful on joint accounts.

(Micky) #543

Same. Our budget period runs from my payday since I get paid first

(Brandon Billingham) #544

I see I can move money into the joint account from the payments screen but is there a way to set this up on a schedule other then a standing order?

(Andy) #545

Not yet - only via standing over but hopefully :soon:


REQUEST: can there be an auto split function too so that any spend on the joint card is automagically split in two and then funded from both current accounts


Does the graph at the top appear once you’ve had the account for a month?

(Andy) #548

I’ve heard it’s three months for the graph