Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

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This is my slim wallet so I suffer from that too. p.s. That’s not me in the photo :rofl:

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:soon: We’re changing Summary so that you can “Set Payday” based on an internal transfer from your other Monzo account :slight_smile:

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Does this mean if I swap over all my direct debits now to the joint account, I’ll have to renew them all again when the new card come out, assuming I take the new card?

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No. You’ll get a new card number not new account number :slight_smile:

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Which photo? The avatar or the bearded gentleman (or woman). :wink:


Hoping pots won’t be too long. Finding the automatic round up to the coin jar pot really useful :grinning:
I guess I could manually round up and transfer into my personal account and then the pot but who has time for that?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Pots are a must. Also I noticed when you make a payment within the joint account the person appears in my personal account. I think isolating payee history between the two accounts would be a good idea as I feel the personal account payee history will get cluttered easy.

One more I tried to disable gambling transactions whilst viewing the joint account and it disabled in my personal too.

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:doughnut:If you “move money” between your personal and joint accounts, you can now “Change Start Date” in Summary based on that transfer. (It still needs to be £200 or more.) :slight_smile:

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REQUEST: Can you guys also implement a unified feed with both accounts’ transactions. So I can get a full overview of all our spending


Unify personal and joint feeds?


Yeah. Then have options of only seeing each account separately.

Kinda like emails… I can have multiple emails setup going to a single inbox but if I drill down I can see inboxes for each account if I choose.


Ok, so are you looking for just your personal and the joint, or also the other joint account holders personal?


I’d assume your own and the joint, otherwise it would behave like a parent account where you can also see child account transactions


Exactly this… Joint account (transactions from both cards) and personal (completely independent account from joint)

I don’t want to see any other cards that are not registered in my name just mine and likewise the other joint owner will see their card and the joint and not my personal card


Assuming this has been said before, but just in case:

  • sufficiently different looking cards from personal account would be good
  • agreed with above, would be good to see all spending (my personal and shared, not partners’ personal) in one, but this should be optional
  • clearer instructions when card arrives

(Daria) #505

My main concerns are:
-the cards for joint account is identical to the normal card, so it’s hard to differentiate 2 cards

  • other thing is that then trying to set up a direct debit with some companies are not working as well as Thames Water and Eon energy

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Hi @Daraav new joint account cards are almost ready and you’ll be asked in app if you’d like to swap your joint account card for a new one. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like:

There’s a wiki thread around sort code acceptance. Thames Water doesn’t look like they have updated their sort code list in quite a while! Eon there’s a workaround by phoning or using live chat and asking them to cancel the direct debit and then setting up a new one and it should work

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Hi guys,

Can I just confirm a seemingly basic question before I load the new test flight app and fire up joint accounts - does this mean I will essentially have two current accounts with Monzo, and using the app I can select which account to spend from?

Or is the purpose of the Joint account card to act a bit like two separate Monzo accounts, a card for each?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the basic question.