Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝

(Jon Crozier) #468

What are Monzo’s plans for replacing the Joint Account cards already issued now the new design has been finalised?

Rather than just replace everyone’s cards that have been issued, could Monzo maybe just replace cards for those that want one?

I can imagine the cost of replacing all those cards is not insignificant. I know a lot would like one, but I’m sure many people (including myself) are happy to just keep the original one and mark it with a sharpie to make the distinction. It still shows up with the new design in Apple pay.

Personally, my joint account is just used for the mortgage and other shared bills, neither of us use the card very much.

I’d rather Monzo put the money towards something more worthwhile? Or maybe I’m wrong here?

(Andy) #469

I believe the plan is to offer up an inapp notification in the feed with the option of ordering a joint account card if you’d like it.

Like you I’m not bothered as I don’t use my personal account card now so won’t be replacing. Anything to reduce the amount of plastic being used!

(Jon Crozier) #470

Ah great stuff, that sounds like a good plan. :+1:

So far, the Joint Account has been really good. Nice to have better visibility of shared bills going out rather than just hoping everything was working well.

Interestingly, the CASS switched worked for my switch from Halifax (even though we were told not to, I followed a few other rebels on here - naughty).

Despite my old joint account being closed for almost two weeks now, Halifax sent me a brand new debit card for my closed joint account today. I guess their IT systems don’t speak to each other often enough! Another reason why I didn’t enjoy my legacy banks - they’re just far too slow to react to anything. :snail:

(Emily Jones) #471

I’ve noticed in Yolt that my Pots balance is included in both my sole and joint accounts. Anyone else notice? Problem with Yolt or Monzo?

(Tony Perrott) #472

How do you run CASS to thr joint account. I only have the option from the personal acc?

(Jack) #473

I beilive it wasn’t suppose to be used yet so they have removed the option. Although it will be coming back soon!

(Zach) #474

You have to in the future make some kind of visual difference with the JA cards. Being identical to the individual account card makes it very frustrating when trying to pick a card out of your wallet in a hurry. Also very easy to use the wrong card on contactless and cause issues


It’s coming soon. Write on the joint card

(Andy) #476

See the post above for what joint account card looks like

(Andy Hughes) #477

I’ve just returned from Spain where my wife and I used our joint account as our holiday spending card. We also did not receive any travel related reports from the welcome message to the summary. Is this to be expected at this point?

Should I have received something on my own current account? I didn’t spend anything on that account but never got a welcome message there either

Android Update: Travel Reports
(Andy) #478

Hi @anddh I’ve dropped your post into the joint account feedback thread as probably a bit more appropriate here and keeps all joint account related issues together for Monzo to review.

At the moment travel reports don’t work on joint accounts. It seems to cause all sorts of issues which need ironed out so it’s turned off for now. The ability to turn on travel reports manually is also being worked on. I think this will solve a lot of issues (staycations etc) so look out for that soon!

(Dan Armstrong) #479

I am going to set up a JA as soon as my wife orders her card.

Regarding Apple Pay. After reading the thread am I right in understanding that you can only add EITHER your PA or JA but cannot select which account is used for a given transaction?

Is it, or will it be possible in the future to have the PA & JA as seperate ‘cards’ on your iphone/device?

Is the current workaround to pay from one account into the other if you accidentally (or have to use device payment when you don’t have your card/wallet) spend from the wrong account?

Thanks for any advice & thankyou monzo for continuing to bring the future of simple, effective banking.

(Adam Kendrew) #480

You can setup both your JA and PA as separate cards within Apple Pay.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #481

I assume this is the same with Google Pay too? :crossed_fingers:

(Andrew Schofield) #482

Yup. Both cards can be added separately.

(Tim) #483

That’s right!

:credit_card: Once the new cards are ready, we’ll flip the switch, and all new card orders for joint accounts will use the new design.

We’ll then send out a feed item to everyone who has a joint account card with the old design, prompting them to order a replacement card.

We’ll probably wait a few days before sending the feed item to everyone. But we’ll let you know on the forums as soon as the new cards are available.

:1234: Bear in mind that the new card will have a new 16-digit card number. Ordering a card replacement will be totally optional.

Personally I don’t plan to activate the test card in the Twitter photo; not only is the design not quite right, I don’t want to have to update my card details with every merchant I use yet again :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ollie) #484

Noticed a bug on the eating out target buttons, it jumps the view around a fair bit.

Secondly, would it be possible to allow the app to recognise Monzo to Monzo transfers as salary and therefore to set payday based on a transaction from a Single account to a Joint account?

iPhone 6 11.4.1 (15G77)
Monzo 2.8.0 #437

(Dave) #485

Hi there. Got set up at the weekend and some initial feedback.
Speed of getting the cards - This is insane. So quick. My partner got a single account and we got our cards for the joint account all within a time period while I’m waiting on a letter from HSBC! Well done
Notifications: Getting notifications for all transactions by both parties can be a bit much. It would be great if you can opt out of notifications from spending by the other card holder but still get any notifications in relation to spending limits etc.
Switching between Personal / Joint - Think this is a little cumbersome (on both Android and iOS). Would like to be able to switch between accounts on the Home Screen
Joint Account Picture: - Very Minor, but could be useful to allow people set a picture for their JA rather than just using the pictures of both solo accounts.
Joint Account Card: Saw the design for the next card. Would have loved it it was a different colour. I understand that a normal bank doesn’t distinguish between JA and SA in their cards and the new design has Joint Account written on it but being like a normal bank isn’t exactly the target here! A different colour / design would make it easier to see in your wallet, Apple/Google Pay, Curve etc.

All in, very impressed.Thanks

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #486

He is correct, done it today and it shows the new Monzo JA card design :sunglasses:

(Ahmed Hmeid) #487

Thanks! The new design doesn’t cater for wallets that slide in from the short edge rather than on the long edge. I’d still need to take both cards out to see which one was the joint (unless I get it right on the first go!).

Seems like a step away from the current card design. The monzo card is a bit out there with the colour and adventorous, but the “joint account” modification is really subtle and conservative. Personally I think it should either be a different design or different color altogether. It’d be nice to be able to visually and quickly tell the difference between cards like I can do with my non-monzo accounts.