Labs Feedback: Joint Accounts 🤝


Never seen a direct debit set up so quick


Banks are pretty good at getting things in place to take your money! Not so quick to do anything else though!


Any word on switch account service for joint accounts? Want to move over a whole lot of direct debits from my old bank account to monzo with doing them individually.


Probably when it’s out of labs and all officially running

(Ricky Nos) #325

My joint account card is on its way!!! :grinning:

(Kris Littlewood) #326

Really need the switch service up and running before we can actually use the account. Not bothered about doing the full Current Account switch, just need the part switch where I can select our own direct debits to switch over, I will do the rest myself.

Can anyone verify if the partial switch service is working?

Joint Accounts 🤝
(john davies) #327


Well I have just switched my joint account to your beat tester. So lets see how that goes with the mundane mortgages etc. Ours is used primarily for that so money in form two personal monzo accounts and then mortgage bills etc out. Good luck to us all!

(Jack) #328

I’ve heard it is but not officially supported yet. Based off that is probably advise not doing it just yet :see_no_evil:

(Bruce) #329

Pretty seamless process to get this setup and quick delivery of cards. Happy I have a middle name on one to differentiate.

Need to make sure that I take the right card on stag dos!!! (Jokes)

(Jon Crozier) #330

Apologies if this has already been mentioned before…

I was looking for a way to set up a scheduled payment from my personal Monzo account to my Monzo joint account each month (to cover that months bills).

The only way I could do this, was to set up a scheduled payment using the joint account‘s sort code and account number. I had thought I would be able to do this in a similar way to scheduling a payment to one of my own pots. That would feel more natural. Having to go find the account number and copy paste doesn’t seem the ‘Monzo way’.

We can already move money as a one off from personal to joint account - adding a ‘schedule payment’ option would be great.

Other than that, I’m really happy with the joint account so far.

(Peter) #331

Is another credit check run to open a joint account?


I didn’t think one was run to open a personal Monzo account - unless you apply for credit (overdraft). I imagine they do a ‘soft check’ though.

I mean they obviously report that you’ve opened a current account (and will eventually do this for Joint Accounts) so it may affect your credit score but it depends on whatever magical formula the credit reference agency use.

P.S. The original post has a bit of information on this in the FAQ.

(Pete Hamilton) #333


We haven’t actually received our joint account cards yet (currently moving house so probably held up in royal mail’s redirect service), but I took some notes during the process of onboarding/setting it up. I thought I’d share them in case anything resonates with other initial experiences or they’re helpful in some way, most are just small UX things so far.

Just want to say up front that I love the app and have been waiting for JAs since Monzo started (most of our spend is via our JA), so am super glad they’re finally here. Hopefully the below doesn’t come across too critical - keep up the good work folks :slight_smile: :tada:

Finding the person to set up the account with :couple:
When I initially set up the joint account, I was expecting to search for my partner’s name (similar to the “payments” screen). However, it was a list of people with no immediately clear order, although I suspect it’s the people I’ve paid most/most recently paid?

We use our existing joint account with another bank for most purchases, so she’s actually not the person I transfer money to via Monzo the most frequently, that’s mostly friends/colleagues.

She was actually a few from the top in the end, so it didn’t really matter that much, it’s just a small detail which broke my expectations slightly during the setup flow. Maybe a search box but with three likely candidates below could be a nice compromise? :man_shrugging:

Finding my joint account in the app after setup :mag_right:
Guidance on how to switch between accounts at the end of the process would have been good, I found it via luck while poking around and via forum comments but I wasn’t guided through “you now have multiple accounts, this is where your new joint account lives, this is how you switch between them” etc and it wasn’t immediately obvious via the UI. I imagine maybe something to that effect happens when you activate the card and you’re maybe not expecting people to want to check it out right away? Still, was a little odd.

Contextualising app screens by account :world_map:
It’s not clear which account I’m using when looking at my feed (other than via feed items themselves) or when performing actions like sending payments via bank transfer. Currently, I think there’s a risk I could pay out from the wrong account and I therefore need to check this manually, some sanity check/comms to help make things clear on where money is moving to/from would be ace, or some way to tell app-wide which account I’m using?

Initial top-up/transfer experience :money_with_wings:
When I go to add money for the first time by tapping “Add money from another account”, I’m dropped into the “payments” screen.

This made me think I needed to use the “send money” feature, since that’s what I’m used to using to transfer funds between accounts, but then at that point, I can’t see the bank account details for the new joint account any more (they were on the previous screen). I eventually noticed the new “Move money between accounts” option and all was good in the world, but for a few seconds, I was left hanging and wondering what the best process was. Pair that with the fact that I wasn’t sure how to find my JA in the app, which meant I didn’t quite know where to find the bank details again if I had taken that approach.

Would have maybe been nice to take me directly to the move money screen, or provide clearer wording on the final screen along the lines of “use these details to transfer money in from a non-Monzo account, or tap below to move money from your existing Monzo account” kind of thing?

Teensy final thing :sparkles:
I really like the animation of the running card for new card deliveries and have done since I first got my personal Monzo card. Love that we get one for joint account cards too - wondering if there’s anything quick and clever you could do to somehow reference the fact it’s a JA? :thinking:

That’s it for now, hopefully at least one thing in there is useful… :slight_smile:

(Ayan Ozturk) #334


Not sure if anyone mentioned before, on JA Home tab, the pulse graph is missing. And I actually like it. It allows more transactions listed on same screen and more importantly also provides a way to notice that I am looking at JA feed. I’m mostly using the existence of the graph to quickly understand what account I am looking at. Mini profile pictures on transactions help too.

I think this tab should have a title bar, like others have and say JA Feed / Personal Account Feed or something similar.

(Chris Leckie) #335

Vote here :slight_smile:

(Stuart Leader) #336

The pulse graph takes at least a month to start showing on the top of the feed, at least for personal accounts and I expect also for joint accounts. I can’t remember the exact calculation… A month and a few days or thereabouts.

(Alex Penfold) #337

When travelling abroad there is no notification within the Joint Account section saying ‘Welcome to X country’.

Obviously it would be sensible to avoid duplicate notifications, however the option within this (for single accounts) to automatically categorise spending as Holiday or Business is very helpful and would be just as applicable to Joint accounts.

(James Murray-Ferris) #338

I was hoping for a decision on our mortgage today from them haha

(Adam Kendrew) #339

Don’t want to derail the topic, but they were really quick with us. Are you using their mortgage tracker? It was just over 3 weeks from the initial submission (done via Trussle) to receiving our offer in the post today.

(James Murray-Ferris) #340

We are using L&C and they have their own tracker it’s only been about 2 weeks for us but survey was done Monday so thought they’d have made a decision by now