Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

Is it correct behaviour that once a bill has been ‘split’ there is no way to amend the amount or number of people?

It’s easy to make mistakes so it would be good to be able to amend the split and choose whether to resend the notification to the group. I’ve had somebody decline a test split, so now there is no way to split that transaction anymore.


Is it possible to split a bill that’s not a Monzo bill?

We have a local takeaway that only takes cash and as we’re all Monzo users it would still be useful to throw IOUs round to everybody to transfer the money to me.

Yeah, that’s in payments > request. You can add your own amount and details and make a link to share.

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Isn’t still the old system where you create a link for each person manually rather than managing them all together? (I’m on Android so can’t see the new screens yet :neutral_face:)

I absolutely love this feature. As I am fortunate enough to have a couple of friends also on Monzo this was a great thing to test out in the pub. Keep up the good work Monzo.

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I see, so you want to manage the links you send in the app and send the links via the app? Unfortunately not currently, if you pay cash there is no bill to split. You may be able to split the cash machine withdrawal transaction, I can’t test this for you sorry as never pull cash out, but if that’s possible it might serve your purpose.

Anyone who’s tried this yet does it split the transaction equally between participants or can you specify amounts? For example you spend £60 on food but your friend is £45 of that.

I’d just like faster payments to credit the corresponding category’s :ok_hand:t3:

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It splits it equally as you add people but then you can edit the amounts. If you increase 1 persons share it splits the rest equally again.

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There’s way more flexibility with this - it’s like pots - there’s toggles up and down or you can tap to type and exact amount

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One thing I can’t wait to test - and hopefully see work - is if I make a payment on a joint account, can I split the bill sending an request to both our personal accounts?

Would be great for my use case, where we use Joint Accounts just for mortgage and household bills - transferring our amounts in on our respective paydays.

If we decided to make a large purchase - say furniture - or had an unexpected bill - this would be a nice way to track/align our respective contributions to it afterwards!

The only limitation I could imagine would be if I couldn’t see my personal account as an option to invite - has anyone tested this yet?


New feature is causing issues with exported data.

When I have requested money from someone for a purchase, it exports showing the original merchant as the payee rather than the person who paid me the money.

Really appreciate Monzo adding features like this to remove friction for its users :smiley: .

With regards to the comments regarding non-monzo splitting, surely (some of the Monzo guys may be able to confirm/refute this) introducing this to a non-monzo user is a nightmare! The only reason this is doable is that Monzo controls both sides of the transaction, meaning they are relying on their own security.

What mechanism would you even use to inform the person who owes you money? Would you want Monzo sending texts to your contacts on your behalf?
Is it alright to store the card details of your friends against their name in the Monzo DB so the system can prepopulate it? Security seems like an issue here.

I just don’t think extending this to non-monzo users is possible, I’d rather just see better integration so when you split the bill, Monzo knows who is and isn’t a monzo user and either automates the notification or prompts you to send the link as appropriate.

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That does seem like the next logical step however the issue is Monzo.Me. It’s not as simple, from a non-monzo user point of view, as doing a standard bank transfer; there’s more steps involved, and people will generally trend towards the most simplistic process.

True, and the usage statistics mentioned seem to represent that. I’m not sure what better options you could come up with, the simplicity of a bank transfer varies bank-to-bank. If bank transfers are preferred to the link should the split transaction option just share text of your monzo bank details along with how much money you want?

Id say this would be the winner saying as it cuts out the fee involved for monzo?

I think costs monzo a small percentage or I could possibly have made that up but it rings a bell.

Could include a reference number or transaction id or something in the NEW form/request so that the transfer reference is then used to update the PENDING or PAID state in the same way it works now for monzo to monzo bill splitting

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Not sure everyone would bother to send the correct reference through, so only a portion of transactions Monzo would be able to track. Still better than nothing though! :smiley:

At least with they can associate the transaction with the debt more easily, so you wouldn’t have to manually categorise the incoming payment.

Monzo already tracks the payments from non-monzo accounts, as I can view all the payments made to me by the same bank account details.

So the next logical step could be to use those details and track an incoming payment, and then assign it to the transaction.

So: Split Transaction > Select a Non-Monzo user > Select Amount (Automatically calculated) > Option to Send Text > Payment of required amount from non-Monxo user (Tracked via account details) > Update Summary/etc.

That’s a very simple outline but i think it makes sense. I wonder if there’s a reason Monzo cant ‘watch’ for a incoming payment based on standard account details?


Definitely this. Maybe it could be put in the “Requests” section in the payments tab?

Yeah you’re right there.

Only issue I see is when you send more than 1 request to a given payee. Which transaction would you credit? unless you use a payment reference as an identifier/something like that.