Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

Seems to work well for card transactions but then I try to spilt a bank transfer the app crashes and closes

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Like the direction this is going in. UI is nice and simple. However, unlike previous splitting functionality, this is now unusable for me without support for non-Monzo users. Do you have a timeline for when this will be available as for now I’m going to revert to the previous functionality. Thanks.


Without support for non-Monzo users, this feature is near-useless for me unless I’m with my three friends with Monzo (who are spread out over 212 miles). I’ll stick to for the time being, thanks.

I’m quite disappointed that it doesn’t merge the feed items together, so if I spent 60£ between 3 of us and I get 2x £20 payments from friends the feed item should go down to 20£ rather than just create 3 feed items with the little icons. Does it also adjust the spending graph? So the spending tracking page should only show 20£ spent on eating out?


Also noticed a bug, if you press the plus button on someone until they have 100% of the share the minus button stops working :stuck_out_tongue:

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How can you keep track on the payments that you’ve split? It’d be handy if it popped up after 24/48 hours saying ‘Dave hasn’t paid’ etc.

Maybe if there was a section that has all of the payments you’ve split and the current status of them, as I sometimes forget to check to see whether someone’s paid me.

Nice initial ideas, but requires more work for sure.


To add to the list, this is a definite negative change for me. I’ve used the current “split bill to” multiple times with people using different banks. Occasionally I’ve needed to explain what the link is, but in general it’s worked really well whether people use Monzo or not. Really handy for sending to group chats.

Sure, having the reimbursement linked to the original expense is nice, but it’s not worth breaking the facility for.

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Yes, it’s in Labs, and the point of Labs is to get feedback.

Please stop shutting people down doing just that.


This is great! Used it a couple of times already and works really well - great for when you buy something for someone else to see them paying you back directly linked to the original transaction (rather than just a random bank transfer). However, I’m quite lucky as lots of my friends use Monzo.

Unsure how best to make it work for non-Monzo users without making it more clunky as it works really smoothly at the moment and obviously the idea is to encourage people to use Monzo in groups. Perhaps being able to select a ‘non-Monzo user’ option when bill splitting and then being able to mark/match an inbound payment as the relevant one? I haven’t personally found anyone keen to use over bank transfer/pingit/circle so don’t think that’s the solution really.

I’m also not sure I agree with the idea that it should all be compressed into one feed item as that’s not how the money is actually leaving/coming in to your account so could be confusing… I think the little icon when someone pays you is enough. Like the idea of payment reminders (for both parties) as well!


(Haven’t watched the video yet to know much else)

Would be nice if on the “pick contacts” screen I can tap “Add contact not on Monzo” and add a name, and proceed as normal.

Then on the original transaction see a status for each piece of the split and if it’s being paid. For those who aren’t on Monzo, an option to share my link to them appears (but with a link to the actual payment so it all reconciles nicely)


I would love to see integration with non-monzo users, so that we can link those payments to the original transaction and then summary would be correct.

Also, when you send a request and it gets declined (by accident I assume @alexs) there is currently no way out of this. I can’t then resend it, or send it to someone else. That must be a bug, right?


+1 this. I’m still dreaming of the day when I can show off Monzo to a group of people by paying the bill at a restaurant & then collecting the money from each person afterwards.

It definitely wasn’t an accident :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it possible that many people aren’t using due to the requirement to allow access to your contacts, to see if any of them are on Monzo?

This is why I don’t use it, and I don’t understand why this access to contacts is required.

Monzo needs to make it easy to interact with users of other banks. It just pisses people off if you make it hard, it doesnt encourage them to persuade others to use Monzo (even if it were possible to persuade all of these people).


Josh shared this really detailed explanation of why Monzo asks for access to your contacts for The key bit is that Monzo aren’t keeping a record of your contacts for themselves, for marketing or anything else here.

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This is the bit I have an issue with. I have all sorts of people on my contacts, not just friends. It would be kind of weird and intrusive for random people to pop up in my Monzo, and for me to pop up in theirs.


I don’t have a problem with random(ish) people knowing that I’m a Monzo user personally but I appreciate the fact that this sort of thing bothers some people more than others.


Enjoying the UI and implementation!

Especially enjoyed seeing, under Summary and Commited Spending, the option of adding a bill split for individual DDs.

My wish would be for Monzo to predict my DDs AND realise that I split certain bills (utilities, council tax etc) as soon as they come out.

I want my summary for spending to understands how much of the predicted DD I’ll actually end up spending (in my case, 50%).

I imagine this is a pretty common scenario for flat mates, house shares etc.

Is this something that can be implemented?


Lack of non-monzo users an issue for me too which I was hoping would be resolved with this update.

Functionality of splitting the bill with monzo users is great, but I receive payments for a number of different things in relation to payments I’ve made and in particular from people that aren’t close friends, to whom I have no real influence as to which bank they use. People with Monzo probably equates to around 2-3% of the UK’s population (rough maths!).

Whilst hasn’t gone away, realistically a lot of people paying me back (who regularly pay me back for the same things each week such as 5 a side football match fee) prefer to simply do a bank transfer, with my bank details being saved on their banking app for any future transfers, they don’t want to plug in their card details through every time. On top of that isn’t solving the problem which I think the majority of people want a solution to, and that is the fact that the whole payment is included in your spent amount and therefore screws up the budgeting, a problem that has now been around on IOS for nearly 2 years -

I think maybe when you do the updates in the future and say what you’re working on, it would be a good idea to go into a bit more detail about how it is going to work. In this case, I would have made it clear it was only Bill Splitting between Monzo users as I’ve been waiting patiently for a feature that I thought was going to solve a big problem but it hasn’t been addressed. I’m cool with the idea of doing a version 1 and then iterating from there to get products out into the app, but I think people were expecting a solution to the non Monzo user problem. Just my thoughts.

It’s just one of a couple of features that have been released recently that seem a little half baked, in particular the fact that you can’t select custom dates for your budgeting (very important to a number of customers) and custom images for pots hasn’t been addressed yet. Also, interest on savings was expected in July as of the July update but no mention of any progress on this front yet.


I am looking forward to what is going to come up in your future presentations :star_struck:

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This is arguably the biggest issue with using Monzo.Me for semi regular payments from the same person.

My partner doesn’t use Monzo and generally when we go food shopping I pay and then we split the cost. Clearly having to enter the card details every-week into the same form to send me money is a pain, and just bad usability, when it’s easier and quicker for them to do it from their own banking app as my details are saved.

Having a reduced user experience for their own customers because the people the customer interacts with doesn’t bank with Monzo would be a step away from improving the bank experience.