Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

Hi all, we’re really excited to introduce bill splitting in Monzo Labs.

I’d love to hear how this feature has come in useful and in what contexts you use it the most. Are you splitting restaurant bills with groups of friends, grocery shopping in a shared flat, or something else? Is there anything that doesn’t work for you?

Any suggestions you have for how we could evolve it in the future as part as making Monzo better with friends would also be great to see!


Not seeing it yet… does it need to be enabled somewhere?

In monzo labs yes. But it’s only there for iOS for now. Too many android engineers where on holiday so it’s a little behind.

Got it turned on but kind of sad it’s only for Monzo users at the moment kind of like the way it works with the link if that gets implemented as well then onto a winner but currently how it is it won’t be as useful for myself if it’s just Monzo users as I have people that use other banks too.


So I have a transaction of £10 and I want to split this 5 ways but 2 of my friends don’t bank with Monzo.

So I only want to request 3 payments of £2 from 3 friends from the £10 transaction. How does Monzo handel this? Can I customise how much each person pays?

I know a only a handful of people who bank with Monzo.

Edit: sorry I just watched the Q&A, they answered it there. :sunglasses:

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Ha that’s a good idea!

@ianlyon dinner to test bill splitting? :joy:

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@Rika Can I just say I wasn’t expecting to see the best girl wallpaper in a Monzo presentation :joy: Solid choice there :clap:

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Only if you send back my half after testing! :wink:


:joy: I’m sure you can expense it in the name of testing!

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Unfortunately although it’s good progress the feature is currently useless to me without non-monzo account support. Hopefully that won’t be long coming.


Yeah, kinda anticlimactic. :no_mouth: 0% usable.


This is great! I’m on a family holiday right now with 7 other Monzo account holders.

Each day we’ve been manually working out who owes who and transferring. This makes things super easy!


Monzo are clearly trying to encourage more customers to join

They’ve spoke recently about network theory …

Edit: at least I think they called it that :joy:


What’s the minimum amount? Just tried to split a purchase but it wasn’t giving me the option (yes, I have it enabled)

we said 50p on the event :thinking:

what amount are you trying?

Well that’s the first Labs feature I’ve had to switch off. It removes the Split using option which I use loads and was hoping would be improved with Bill Splitting. You don’t pick your pals based on where they bank!


Exactly my feelings. However I hope that because this is in “labs”, when it comes to the full release, it includes payments from non Monzo users. What’s been done is great but without non Monzo functionality it causes more hassle than the original splitting method.


I was somewhat wondering when making the slides earlier today if I should crop down to just the notification. I’m now very glad I didn’t! :smile:


Going by the video earlier, I don’t think it will change when it comes out of Labs.

You can still do the same thing via Payments>Request

I tend to do it this way anyway, as it gives me more flexibility to group together, or imbalance the amount, rather than always a 50/50 split.

It also means you can enter your own emoji/tags which will carry into the link, so that when you use search it contains all the info you would choose to use!