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Perhaps a call to arms in the mean time? I plan on harassing Barclays and a few others via the usual channels about this. :smiling_imp:

(Andre Borie) #443

Given that you use SMS as a fallback and so negate any security, can’t you just not require PIN/Touch ID for in-app approvals and thus allow us to approve requests directly from the notifications?

I do have to say having to use 3DS everywhere (including on Deliveroo) is a major pain. Notification-based approvals would mitigate that somewhat.

Launching 3D Secure!

So far only tried to use it once but it was unsuccessful. I was trying to pay for a delivery from Ikea via chrome on my iPad. Followed instructions to approve in app. Fired it up on my iPhone and transaction was showing but pressing the approve button did nothing.

Unfortunately I was pushing a deadline to get the delivery sorted so I didn’t have time to try and fault fine or take screenshots I’m afraid. I just backed out and paid via PayPal.

But if I come across it again I’ll try to document it better!

(Kevin Eaton) #445

Just used this for the first time in iOS. I clicked the notification and it followed the link to the vendor’s website instead of selecting the notification and taking me to the Monzo app.

Not sure if it’s already been mentioned but it’d be great if you could mimic what some apps (e.g. duo 2-factor auth) do which is allow you to drag down the notification and either accept or decline - this doesn’t navigate you away from the app you’re using to make the purchase so it negates the possibility of entering your pin…

(Glenn Lewis) #446

It does indeed make a pizza, it makes a pizza bad. :wink:

(Patrick) #447

I don’t get why you have to switch apps? Surely you can implement ‘approve’ and ‘deny’ buttons as part of the pull down notification like many other Android apps do, including Google and Microsoft authenticators.

That would mean no switching out of the app or web browser.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #448

No. It makes a pizza image

Sorry for off–topic–ness. I’ll see myself out. By moonwalking.

(Cameron Judd) #449

I have turned it on and have already had to use it 3 times since last week! Works fine so far, though no option to approve in app as yet. The code entry is slick and simple however.

(James Murray-Ferris) #450

So the only problem I’ve encountered with it is everytime I open from the notification it goes to my personal account feed instead of my joint account feed where the actual notice is even if i left the app with the joint account feed open

(Andre Borie) #451

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No Pineapple

Well that’s why it failed. :joy:

(Simone) #452

This is an issue from Tesco, not from Monzo. Their UX is terrible.

(Richard Cook) #453

3D Secure is now live for everyone!

Thanks to everyone in this thread who gave us their feedback about 3DS while it was in Labs. It really helped us improve the product before launch.

Let’s carry on the conversation here:

(Richard Cook) #454