Labs Feedback: 3DS 🔓

(Harry Morton) #422

Used 3DS for the first time this weekend to order pizza, worked a treat. One question though, what happens if you don’t have your phone on you or it’s out of battery or something, is there an option to enter a password?

(Leo Spanswick) #423

I had the same problem, once I’d gone into Monzo to authorise, the Amex app had lost all knowledge of me trying to make a payment.

Perhaps if we could authorise in the notifications bar, this wouldn’t happen


To be fair - My issues were because the card was frozen :joy:

But I do like the idea of authorising within the notification, meaning you don’t have to leave the app you are paying through!

(Jack) #425

For now you don’t get your pizza,

As time goes on Monzo will learn more about you and if they are 100% sure it’s you it will hopefully bypass the 3DS process for the end user.


Hopefully you’ll be able to use the upcoming optional PIN lock as a back up.

(Bowden1) #427

Interesting, I just ordered from the John Lewis website and it asked for my text code. Added this and it was accepted, but then the on screen box then reverted back to the “basket” page.

Checked monzo, no purchase.

Went through the checkout process again and this time no request for 3ds. Order is now placed according to John Lewis but no funds have been taken?! :thinking:

(Kieran) #428

I think @Rika was looking into this :slight_smile:


If this has been asked, I completely missed out.

But what’s the point in having 3D secure, if the merchant bypasses it if you don’t have it on?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (it’s one less step), it just seems strange that some merchants flat out refuse the payment, some don’t have it at all, and some are happy to use it if it’s there, or bypass it if not.

(Andy) #430

It’s down to the merchant and the merchants bank risk appetite basically. If the purchase is authorised via 3D then there’s much less risk on the merchant. If they choose to skip 3D there’s still risk on the merchant

Liability Shift : The main benefit to companies using the 3D Secure scheme is the availability of a liability shift for a successfully verified transaction. This offers protection by the card issuers against chargebacks as the liability is assumed. Note : Vendors will need to confirm with their merchant bank for exact terms on liability shifts.


Also, when it leaves Labs it’ll be on for everyone without any option to turn it off.

This makes sense for Monzo. If I remember correctly, they’re liable for fraud payments if they don’t support it but the merchant tries to use it.



Thanks both :smiley:

(Andy) #433

First experience of 3D secure today and it was on the clarks website (worldpay processing) and worked fine. Instantly got push notification however it took me to my personal account so had to switch over to joint and select the prompt first. That was the only friction for me


Just tried to order pizza :pizza: from the hut, got the prompt on app to approve transaction. Web page displayed approved, but then never completed, just stuck here

Guess no food tonight!

(Jack) #435

Try again but disable 3DS in labs first? You can’t go hungry! :pizza:

Does it have pineapple on?


Tried again, with 3DS still enabled and it went through this time. Nom nom nom.

No Pineapple

(Bowden1) #437

Same issue I had with John Lewis today, but I’m yet to be debited!

P.s pineapple makes a pizza :ok_hand:t3::pineapple:

(Paul) #438

I couldn’t pay my Tesco Credit Card in their app today, because after going to Monzo to authorise the payment the Tesco app had logged me out and cancelled the payment. Only way to pay was to turn off 3DS.

Not sure what the long term solution would be - hopefully Monzo come up with something clever! Beause having a card that can’t make in-app payments because of having to switch between apps to authorise isn’t really practical.


Did you get the SMS option? You could use this and the code will show in a notification banner while in the Tesco Bank app.

(Rika Raybould) #440

Very long term, Tesco Bank, Barclaycard, etc. will have to fix this on their end eventually as this will become a bigger and bigger problem with other banks implementing this kind of 3D Secure to satisfy upcoming payment authentication parts of PSD2 (some information on that).

In the shorter term for our launch, we have a plan to make SMS authentication the default for these payments. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Luke Lasenby) #441

From a UX/UI perspective, I’d personally like to see the notifications mirror those alerting us to system instances. Maybe these could alter between the four Monzo colours to give people an idea about what needs our immediate attention.