Labs Feedback: 3DS 🔓


That’s annoying :frowning:

3D Secure as a system is seeming more and more half-baked… you seem to get very little information.

In that case however, would it be possible to authorise the transaction anyway, as 3D secure has passed…? Or are you not allowed under any circumstances to authorise a transaction with an invalid CVV?

(Joe Sturgess) #362

I had my first 3D Secure check using Android, confirmed via sms. Quick, easy and hassle free! Looking forward to the app confirmation when it comes to Android. Keep up the good work guys!


The Android in-app approval on the latest beta version worked flawlessly.

The frame on the national lottery site seemed a bit too big/cut off though.


It looked fine to me on my Mac…


This was on Chrome Pixel 2 XL. Literally the first time I’ve used 3D secure on a phone so not sure if that’s just to be expected.

(Rika Raybould) #366

This is a little weird because the exact iframe size is very explicitly defined in the specification but some merchants seem to try and shrink it down further. Will try tweaking some of the CSS over time to see if we can get it looking right on all sites and devices. :+1:


I just tried it and there’s a horizontal scroll.

Is that possibly the issue? I believe it’s a fixed width iframe, so it will require horizontal scrolling on thinner devices… (could be wrong there though).


(Rika Raybould) #368

Ah right, that’s an unfortunate downside to the specification being written well before phones even had good internet capabilities. It is indeed a fixed width frame (though I’ve vaguely attempted to make it zoom to fit if the page hasn’t been iframed).


Ah that’s seems like the reason why :wink:

(Mark) #371

Our new joint account cards arrived today and I added to Curve , 3D secure popped up for the first time and worked a treat on my card . My wife’s didn’t work though and for some reason loads of £1 card checks and reversals started coming through in app once approved in Monzo app but curve still showed as card needing to be verified. It also doesn’t show as Curve but as something called inVision App for some reason . Anyone else have this problem?


Failed on Tesco’s grocery app (iOS) this morning. Payment went to 3DS, notification came through to approve - but when tapped monzo just loaded as normal with no approval page. Clicked back to the home screen and then the monzo app homescreen icon to reload it and then the approval page appeared - but trying to approve it gave “invalid secure token” and aborted the transaction. Switched 3ds off and was fine.
Was using my joint account card though and monzo loaded my personal account page by default when I tapped the approval notification so it may just be a problem with account switching?

(David Duncan-Fraser) #373

Activated it and tried to make a payment via Argos Card app. Code came through then app hangs after clicking continue - payment doesn’t go through. Turned off 3DSecure and payment went though fine. Glad I was able to turn off in this instance but won’t always be possible.


Worked well wit the Pizza Hut app last night.


Worked a treat ordering tickets from Sothbank centre

(Is Santa here yet?) #376

Are you on android? Worked fine verifying in app on iOS :thinking:

(Rika Raybould) #377

Part one of a fix for this issue should be going out now. :crossed_fingers:


Awesome! Is it a “try again” button? :wink:

(Rika Raybould) #379

Effectively, yes. We’re trying to get it so that if the secure token is invalid, the app will fall back to card PIN and in the process, replace the secure token so it works next time you need it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Had my first encounter. Very slick.

Sent me an SMS, no option to approve in app. Just sent the text straight away.

Is that a merchant choice?

(Andre Borie) #381

In-app approval support for Android is fairly recent, so unless you had the latest version of the app it used to automatically fall back to SMS.