Labs Feedback: 3DS 🔓

(Rika Raybould) #341

Sorry for not responding originally! We’re absolutely going to start work on automatic approvals next if nothing urgent blocks it! :raised_hands:

(Tom Norton) #342

Tried it twice for the first time this morning. Really impressive and so easy to use.

Past experience with other banks was really bad with a 3D Secure logon screen that looked very suspicious.

Great work guys! :slight_smile:

(Thomas Seward) #343

Hi there,

Just enabled this feature and PayPal failed a payment, would this be in anyway related to 3D Secure?


(Ben Forth) #344

Just attempted to buy tickets for Tokyo Disneyland on their website. Activated 3D secure as the site requires it, got the SMS code, entered it, then it was accepted, diverted me back to the Disney site, and there I got a message that 3D authentication had failed.

(Lee Mills) #345

Hi there,

Just used this feature while making an in app payment (Barclaycard) on an iPhone X. When the barclaycard throws the 3DS screen and I get the notification, I tap the notification which takes me into the Monzo app, I approve the transaction, and then have to jump back to the barclaycard app. At this point it goes wrong, the Barclaycard app has locked and kicked me out of the transaction flow. It actually fails silently and doesn’t give you any warnings.

Only when going to the website on a desktop browser does it through a 'previous transaction failed, please try again. When trying again on the website, it went through no problem.

Would there be a way to block the 3DS prompt in apps like this and only present in situations where you know the source website/app wouldn’t loose focus?

(Rika Raybould) #346

We’re implementing something that should help with this today for release tomorrow. :+1:

(Adam Robertson) #347

Hmm. So I pay off my Amex through their app - I get a 3D Secure notification and go through the process. But then I have to go back into the app to complete the process.

Is there not a way to automatically push you back into the app that requested 3D Secure? I know it’s important, but honestly has made my experience worse than it was before.

(Rika Raybould) #348

Unfortunately not for 3D Secure 1.0. :disappointed: The 2.0 version of the specification should improve things here somewhat but it requires much better merchant support!


Can you please add a confirmation button to iOS notifications? Going in and out of the app is a bit inconvenient and some times breaks the purchase flow of other apps as they reload the view and loose data or get terminated by the Operating System. Notifications on iOS can have quick actions associated, like when replying to a message. It would be great to have the same for confirming a 3DS payment.

(Rika Raybould) #350

The short answer is not at this time. The card PIN or secure token (provided through Touch ID or Face ID) is required to authorise a payment and to expose this through a notification would require extensive work. I’m disappointed we couldn’t make this one happen too. :disappointed:

The good news is that for the SMS method, you can use the QuickType keyboard on iOS to autofill the code without leaving the app you’re using to make the purchase. We’ll make the manual fallback available over the next few days. :+1:

(Andre Borie) #351

Given that the SMS method does not ask for any kind of PIN/fingerprint, why require it for in-app confirmations?

Launching 3D Secure!
(Stephen Spencer) #352

In Firefox, page is 1px too wide and SVGs are all black:

And then I was faffing with screenshots so it took a while to enter the SMS code I got, dunno if it timed out, but I got this and while it was on screen my browser was furiously spamming the “authenticate” endpoint in a loop:
Tried again, nope, same thing.
Can’t even turn off 3DS in Labs now, toggle always stays on despite spinner when I tap it.
Edit: 3DS had actually switched off, it was just the display of the toggle that was wrong, left the labs screen and went back in and it was off, and my Ocado shopping went through OK without 3DS.

(Rika Raybould) #353

Oh wow, I think I might know what caused this. We’re deploying a fix shortly!

Monzo logo is something I’ve had on the backlog to fix since last week. It’s also broken in Internet Explorer. :grimacing:

(Stephen Spencer) #354

Great, thanks!

The SVG seems to have colour info in it, but as style=“fill:#colour”, which doesn’t seem to work when loaded directly in Firefox, Edge or Chrome but literally only works in IE 11! It should just be fill="#colour"? Using CSS fill:x only seems to be for modifying SVG colours when embedded in HTML, not setting them initially.

(Dan) #355

Isn’t everything on the internet broken in IE :wink:


Internet what now?! :hushed::wink:

(Rika Raybould) #357

Looks like it. :+1:

The SVG was exported from something the design team to use and given to me as-is. I’ll do this some time before Monday once I’ve got Android in-app approvals out and working again.

(Rika Raybould) #358

Android in-app approvals is back and this time the feed item actually shows up! :tada:

If you’re not seeing it, make sure you’re using version 2.11.1 (or above) from the beta channel.


If you enter an incorrect CVV then the 3DS prompt still appears and can be authorised, but authorising it then declines the transactions.

Can it be set up so that it’s declined before 3DS authentication, or maybe 3DS approval bypasses an incorrect CVV?

(Rika Raybould) #360

We don’t receive the CVV from the merchant’s systems at the time of the 3D Secure authorisation unfortunately. :disappointed: