Labs Feedback: 3DS 🔓

(Rika Raybould) #300

Technically possible nowadays if we can convince our iOS engineers that it’s worth it! It requires creating a notification extension to verify the card PIN or run Touch ID/Face ID authentication though. :slight_smile:

If it’s something a lot of people want and it can be reused over other features, they may do it but right now, it’d take a lot of convincing. :sweat_smile:

The Apple Watch notification system doesn’t have access to the Monzo app’s secure token sadly.

3D Touch for 3D Secure
(Mat Jarosz) #301

It’s all good, but your current implementation doesn’t work with other bank apps. Tried to pay for my credit card, got redirected to Monzo to approve, got back to Tesco but they cancelled that transaction because I left the app. Reported that through an online chat.

The good news is that I haven’t had any other issues, works very well and lack of silly passwords definitely helps!

(Jack) #302

Although not ideal does it work if you go to online banking through their website?

Also out of interest why do you pay it off this way rather than direct debit or bank transfer/faster payments (you wouldn’t need to leave the monzo app this way)?

(Is Santa here yet?) #303

Works fine paying Argos card through their app :+1:

(Jack) #304

Works with Vue Cinemas :lock:

(Martin) #305

So there may be an issue with the Monzo way of implementing 3D secure. Just tired making a payment to my Barclaycard using the barclaycard app. 3D secure notification appears, selecting this obviously takes you to the Monzo app to approve the payment, but (as with many banking/credit card apps) this ends the current session on my Barclaycard app and even though I select to authorise the payment, it doesn’t go through as the session has expired on my Barclaycard app. :frowning:

Love it if this somehow could be overcome as love the way this works with online websites etc.


While not currently enabled, would the SMS option not solve this? I know it’s not ideal, but the code would show at the top of the screen in a banner notification, so you wouldn’t need to leave the Barclaycard app.

(Andy) #307

@withitnow @MatJarosz I’d definitely be reporting this to Barclay and Tesco respectively. The apps should not be resetting the session just because you switched app for a few seconds. What if you needed payment details from elsewhere? The new 3D specifications mean that banks can do the inapp authentication so this will just role out to more banks as the nes spec is adopted.

Once the sms option is implemented this should be alleviated if you have message previews on for notifications (I don’t!) or if you’re on iOS 12 it will auto fill the sms code without leaving the app


Yeah, and Android allows you to copy things it detects as codes directly from the notification.

It’s bizarre that apps immediately lock you out if you switch from them and cancel/reset the session. It’s one of the things I hate about the Moneybox app. Give the option for a delay or just require biometric password approval for anything like moving money out :expressionless:

(Nicola Sansom) #309

Just had to use this, it works really well so easy to use, like others have said it would be nice to pull though the merchant logos in the future :slight_smile: .

(Michael) #310

You can use it to approve a payment request as well … Instantly there’s 2 use cases! :wink:

(Mat Jarosz) #311

I’ve got Direct Debit set up as a backup method, but I usually pay different amount (it’s a 0% card which I used to pay for my iPhone and my MacBook) depending on my month’s expenses. I would much rather pay it straight away because I know it’s done for the month, but with Direct Debit Tesco decides when payment comes off. I just find it easier to pay it with my debit card, it saves me hassle of making sure all details are correct etc. And Monzo gets a tiny cut too!

Yeah, I’ll pay it online today, but I only had access to my phone yesterday so that wasn’t an option.

(Michael) #312

Had 3DS enabled in Labs. I went to pay some customs duty on DHL’s website, but although I got the prompt to approve the transaction via the app, it rejected the transaction. I tried again after turning it off and it went through fine. I know the feature is only being tested at the moment, but thought I’d give the feedback :slight_smile:


Just wanted to add support for a no-password Monzo (and think this method of 3DS is a great way around it). Recently was using Starling abroad and needed to make a bank transfer - it asked me for a password and I was completely stumped - couldn’t figure out if it wanted my pin or something else that I had completely forgotten as I had apparently never used it since signing up!

Understand people have different opinions but, for me, not having to remember any passwords for day-to-day money management is a game-changer. Don’t think there will ever be a time I am buying something using internet on my laptop but unable to get internet or signal on my phone - so can’t see any issues there either. Great job Monzo.

(Aaron) #314

Plus 1 for this! Take a look at symantec’s VIP access app. Able to approve logins from iOS notification centre and via Apple Watch’ notifications. Works well

What do we need to do, to persuade them… :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #315

I just renewed my vehicle tax online, I was expecting a notification for in-app authentication - but didn’t get one. I got a text message instead and had to enter the code from the text.

Mildly disappointing.


I just had an SMS when making a payment to Barclaycard, was also expecting a push notification for in-app :frowning:

(Andy) #317

in-app authentication hasn’t been turned on for Android yet


aww that sucks.

Who authorised the holiday for all the Android devs to be away at once? :laughing:

(Andy) #319

@rika said a last minute bug was found so it was pulled for Android but :crossed_fingers: it’s on soon!