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It’s immaterial. You seem to be making some kind of point that current accounts cannot also be high interest, and I was demonstrating that a current account with high interest is not even a new concept.


Nationwide FlexDirect account was, by my own memory, the first I knew of, then Starling back in the day.


They were rare, and even back in days of higher interest rates, usually done to try and get customers, which is a fair gambit by Kroo, shame the rest of the offer is a dumpster fire

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Which is what Kroo is doing.

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Hopefully in time things will improve and I guess it’s only going to improve if people take a chance. Certainly the new higher interest rate is something to think about.

I am putting small amounts in and trying it but I’m not sure I’m ready to put all my savings in, despite the better rate than Zopa.

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Which is why I called it a fair gambit, despite the selective quoting.


I’ve never seen the need for this given how easy apps are to use these days as a selling feature any more

I get the idea behind it, but it takes a few seconds for people to ping money over if you are paying a bill to someone’s account these days.

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I think the concept is build something like Splitwise natively into the app.

Yeah I think that’s where they started - It’s almost like the bank side was an afterthought/requested by VC so that they could prime for a buy-out (that last point is pure guesswork, I have no idea if that is what is going on)

I say the above because as a social payment app it seems to work relitivly well and its what nearly all the UI is geared towards.

Shame the rest of the app is garbage

Received a message from Kroo earlier this evening in regards to my complaint they upheld and closed. They have investigated the issue with the Direct Debit from Vodafone failing and have admited liability for it citing a technical issue. They credited my account with £50 for the trouble it caused.

Just thought I’d keep you all updated with what’s been happening :slight_smile:


Kroo bumping up to 3.33%, I wouldn’t trust them with 1p nevermind my whole emergency fund though.