Kroo Bank chat

Adeptra is solely a call automating service non specific to product or business area (some people also likely won’t know what that is :joy:).

Not sure I’ve ever had many challenges using them over the years, just the haunt of hearing “adeptra” before a call came through in a previous job quite frequently during the pandemic :tired_face:

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That’s the other problem with too much industry specific talk. You may not be giving state secrets away but people will think you’re being pretentious at best and a **** at worst – it doesn’t come across as knowledgeable or cool but rather as trying too hard.

Don’t get me wrong, techspeak has its place in specific contexts but general talk about Kr-poo ain’t it.


Even prior to working, used to spend hours researching the ins and outs of how everything worked. In a weird way, it’s made working life so much easier.

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Does Kr-poo even have telephone banking?

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I don’t know, don’t work there. I have walked past their call centre with the ‘friend’ though…!

I am tempted to find out, act as if it’s a balance enquiry, normal customer ting. See if they’ll read out me transactions!

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I rang them whilst briefly a customer